Ad Channel Integration

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Connect with your media partners in Airbridge. If you want to run campaigns with an ad channel that is not yet integrated with Airbridge, ask the media partner to submit the media partner integration request form.

Ad Channel Integration

Most ad channels integrated with Airbridge support tracking links for attribution. Make sure to configure the attribution rules and postback settings before you begin collecting data via tracking links.

For ad channels that require specific credentials or setup process, refer to the article for the respective ad channel.

In the [Tracking Link] tab, you can create and manage tracking links necessary for measuring ad performance. For more information, refer to the articles below.

Postback configuration required

To share in-app events and attribution results with ad channels, postback configuration must be completed before you embed tracking links to your ads.

If the postback configuration is not completed before data collection begins, the data will not be shared with the respective ad channels.

Attribution rules

In the [Attribution Rules] tab, you can configure the lookback window and attribution window for each ad channel. Click Go to edit page to move to the [Management]>[Attribution Rules] page, where you can edit attribution rules.

Postback settings

In the [Postback] tab, you can configure postbacks and determine which in-app events and attribution results to send as postbacks. The data collected with the Airbridge SDK and tracking links enables you to optimize campaigns and make strategic decisions about budget allocation.

Ad Channels Integrated with Airbridge

Refer to the lists below to see which ad channels are integrated with Airbridge. If you can't find your media partner from the lists, ask the media partner to submit the media partner integration request form.

In Airbridge reports and raw data exports, the names of Integrated Channels are shown using the Airbridge display name. For instance, the attribution results for TikTok can be found under the name "tiktok."

Keyboard shortcut for searching

For a quicker search, try using the keyboard shortcut for the Find command, which is Ctrl+F for Windows or Cmd+F for Mac.

In Chrome versions 110 and later, this keyboard shortcut will even help you find the information you are looking for that is hidden inside a collapsible.

Ad channels by integration type

Below are lists of Integrated Channels divided based on their integration type. You can use tracking links to run campaigns with Integrated Channels that are not self-attributing networks (SANs).

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