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The tracking link list is where you can find all the tracking links you created with Airbridge. Filter and search the list to create a customized view for your needs. You can copy the tracking link URL or the redirection paths or download the list with just a click. If you wish to create a new tracking link, you can easily do so by clicking the “+ Create Tracking Link” button in the upper right corner.


How to create a custom view

You can filter the list by selecting the filter options in the “Created with” and “Channel type” columns. In the “Created with” column, the “Dashboard”, “Generator (Google sheet)”, “API”, and “N/A” options are available, and under the “Channel type” column, “Integrated Channels” and Custom Channels options are available.

You can create tracking links with the dashboard using the [Create Tracking Links] menu or with the generator (google sheet), but in fact, all tracking links are created through the same Airbridge API. If you wish to view the tracking links that were not created with the dashboard or the tracking link generator, select the filter option “API” in the “Created with” column.

You can use the filter options in the “Created with” column to search for tracking links created after December 22, 2022. The tracking links created before December 22, 2022, cannot be filtered by how it was created and can only be filtered using the ‘N/A’ option.

By default, the tracking link list shows the tracking links filtered with the “Dashboard” and “N/A” options in the “Created with” column. The tracking links labeled with “Generator” and “API” may take up unnecessary space and are removed from the default setting, but you can freely select the filters for your needs.


The filter options in the “Created with” column, such as “Dashboard”, “Generator (Goggle sheet)”, and “API” can only be applied to tracking links created since December 22, 2022. Tracking links created before December 22, 2022, cannot be filtered using the filter options in the “Created with” column.


You can use the date range filter on the left above the tracking link list to list the links created during a set date range. You can also search for channel names, Airbridge account names, and short IDs using the search box next to the date range filter. If you don’t get the search results you expected, check the date range filter configuration and whether you have selected the right filter options in the “Created with” and “Channel type” columns. When you click the “Expand All” button on the right above the tracking link list, you can view the details of all tracking links. Click the button again to collapse all content. When you click the “Refresh” button, the tracking link list will be updated to the latest version, while the filter configuration and search results are not initialized.

When you click the individual rows in the tracking link list, you can see the details of each tracking link, including the date the link was created, which Airbridge account user created the link, and the configured redirection paths of the link. The blue items can be copied when you click on them. When you click the “Details · Edit” button, you can view additional details of the tracking link and modify the redirection paths or make changes to the thumbnail.

When you click the "See Actuals" button, an Actuals Report with the same metric, groupby, and filter options applied as the tracking link’s parameter configuration will open in a new tab.

When you click the “Duplicate” button, you can duplicate the tracking link with the same campaign optimization parameter and redirection paths. The duplicated link can be found on the Airbridge dashboard’s [Tracking Link]>[Create Tracking Links] page.


How to download the list

After you customize the tracking link list, click the “Download” button to download the list in CSV or google spreadsheet file. You can download up to 10,000 links at a time.


See Actuals

If you wish to view the attribution data tracked from a specific tracking link or want a quick check on if a tracking link is working, you can open an Actuals Report right from the tracking link list. 

Click a tracking link to see detailed information and select [See Actuals] to open an Actuals Report in a new tab. This Actuals Report will already be configured by the campaign parameters of the tracking link.

You can click a specific parameter to open an Actuals Report. Please note that sub-parameters will not be configured in the Actuals Report. 

  • If you click the ad group of a tracking link and select [See Actuals], an Actuals Report will open in a new tab with the same "Channel", "Campaign", and "Ad group" filter configuration, but the "Ad creative" filter, which is a sub-parameter filter, will not be configured.

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