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Discover everything from advertising performance measurement to channel integration

Getting Started

Airbridge ↗

Get started with Airbridge

User Management ↗

Manage your Airbridge dashboard users

Airbridge Event ↗

Define Airbridge events for a successful marketing strategy

Airbridge Attribution Model ↗

Understand Airbridge's attribution model

Tracking Link ↗

Create Tracking Link, an all-in-one link that redirects and attributes


MMM Studio ↗

All-in-one marketing mix modeling solution without user-level data

Actuals Report ↗

Check your ad performance

Funnel Report ↗

Visualize your users' journey

Raw Data Export ↗

Extract raw data from your ad performance


Meta Business ↗

Measure ad performance on Facebook and Instagram

TikTok For Business ↗

Measure ad performance on TikTok

Google Ads ↗

Measure ad performance on Youtube and Google

Amplitude ↗

Add depth to Amplitude product analysis

AppLovin MAX ↗

Add ad revenue data to Airbridge reports

Google Cloud Storage ↗

Extract and utilize Airbridge data

SKAdNetwork (iOS)

Getting Started

Introduction ↗

Get started with Airbridge

Data Fetching Guides ↗

Settings for transferring data to Airbridge

Airbridge Integration Guide ↗

Experience Airbridge's fast and easy integration

SDK integration

Android SDK ↗

Airbridge's Android mobile SDK integration


Airbridge's iOS mobile SDK integration

Web SDK ↗

Airbridge's Web SDK integration

React Native SDK ↗

Airbridge's React Native SDK integration

Expo SDK ↗

Airbridge's Expo SDK integration

Cordova · Ionic · PhoneGap SDK ↗

Airbridge's Cordova · Ionic · PhoneGap SDK integration

Unity SDK ↗

Airbridge's Unity SDK integration

Flutter SDK ↗

Airbridge's Flutter SDK integration

API Reference

Introduction ↗

Get started with our API

Tracking Link ↗

Set up Tracking Link, an all-in-one link that redirects and attributes

Server To Server Event ↗

Send In-App/In-Web events server to server

Reports ↗

Utilize Airbridge report data flexibly

Attribution Result ↗

Extract Device UUID-based attribution result

Self Serve Data ↗

Directly upload your data from media sources