Service Introduction

Airbridge is a "people-based" attribution measurement service. It provides a comprehensive dashboard that analyzes the marketing performance of various devices, platforms and OS. Airbridge also consolidates all web and mobile data, providing a more accurate and holistic picture of your marketing campaigns.Airbridge's "people-based" analysis is based on its own proprietary Identity Resolution Engine (IRE). IRE collects the fragmented data by identifying "who" the traffic is, which is then used to reorganize the events of the customer's full journey.By providing comprehensive data from both web and mobile applications, companies are able to understand their customers better and maximize their ROI.


There are 3 main differentiating factors that sets Airbridge apart from other competitors.

  • Comprehensive web + app analysis: Comprehensive dashboard for both web and app analytics

  • Search ad analysis: Keyword level data analysis in real time

  • Multi Touch Attribution(MTA) and incrementality: Support for MTA and incrementality measurement

SDKs are provided for in-depth analyses of both your web and mobile application. Raw data can also be extracted for in-house analyses.At the same time, Airbridge analyzes the keyword contributions in real time. This allows marketers to fine tune their campaigns.MTA and incrementality measurement is used to accurately measure the effectiveness of each ad channel.

Support for deep links, deferred deep links, tracking links, fraud detection, data extraction, third party integrations and more are also provided.

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