Real-time Reporting

Airbridge offers the Actuals Report and Trend Report as the go-to reports for real-time reporting of ad performance data collected through Airbridge tracking links, Airbridge SDKs, and other integrations. To view data in the reports, the Airbridge SDK must be installed in your app and integrations with ad channels must be complete.

Actuals Report and Trend Report

Refer to the following guides to understand how to create an Actuals Report.

Sharing the Actuals Report is easy using Sharelinks, which are URLs where the data can be downloaded.

The Trend Report visualizes the data in a time series format and offers useful features such as chart zooming and unattributed conversion analysis.

Creating New Metrics and GroupBys

You can create custom metrics or GroupBys that cater to your unique marketing needs and use them in your Actuals Report. Refer to the following articles to learn how to create them.

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