Share Your Actuals Report With a Sharelink

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The Sharelink allows you to share your Actuals Report via a simple link. Anyone with a Sharelink can download a CSV file that contains the Actuals Report data without accessing the Airbridge dashboard.


The Sharelink can be created for saved reports in the Actuals Report only.

The Sharelink can be created for saved reports in the Actuals Report only. To save your report, click the “Save” button on the top right.

When the report is saved, the [Share] icon is made visible. By clicking the [Share] icon, you can switch on and off the [Create Sharelink] toggle to create or deprecate the Sharelink.

When entering the Sharelink into the address bar of the web browser, the Actuals Report data is downloaded in a CSV file. The data in the downloaded CSV file has the same metric, GroupBy, Filter, date option and time zone settings, as well as the same date range and language settings as the original Actuals Report. By default, the CSV file carries 1,000 rows of data.

By adding parameters to the Sharelink, the language, data range setting, and the number of rows in the CSV file can be modified manually.

  1. Click “Saved Reports” on the top right to find the report you want to share from the dropdown list and open it.

  2. Click the [Share] icon.

  3. Switch on the [Create Sharelink] toggle and click the Sharelink below the toggle to copy it.

  4. Share the Sharelink with anyone you want to share your report data. If you switch off the [Create Sharelink] toggle, the Sharelink won’t work anymore. Every time you switch on the toggle, a new Sharelink is created, and the new link must be shared.

The Sharelink can be customized by adding parameters to the URL or editing the existing parameters in the URL to modify the elements in the report data, such as the language, date range, and number of rows. A question mark (”?") must be present at the end of the URL before adding any parameters.

When adding multiple parameters, separate them with an ampersand ("&"). A customized Sharelink should look like the following.

  • URL?parameter1&parameter2&parameter3


The language parameter is added in all Sharelinks by default. To add more parameters, use ampersands (”&”) to separate them.

A Sharelink URL starts with “” and is then followed by parameters. See the following parameter examples to understand how to customize Sharelinks.



The metrics, GroupBys, date option, time zone in the CSV file downloaded via Sharelink can’t be modified by adding parameters. If you want to change the metrics, GroupBys, date option, time zone, reconfigure the Actuals Report in your Airbridge dashboard, switch off the [Create Sharelink] toggle, and switch it on again to create a new Sharelink. Then, copy the new Sharelink for your data-sharing purposes.

The date range can be adjusted using date range parameters; however, please note that the maximum date range is 92 days.

The number of rows supported by default is 1,000 rows. By using the “rowNo” parameter, a maximum of 50,000 rows are supported.


How to Import to Google Spreadsheet

The Sharelink can be imported to Google Spreadsheet using the importdata functions. The importdata function imports the CSV file via Sharelink to Google Spreadsheet. Use the importdata function like the following example.

  • =importdata("Full Sharelink URL")

Using the importdata function, the report data is pulled every 1 hour allowing for near-realtime data monitoring on Google Spreadsheet. The importdata function can be used multiple times in one Google Spreadsheet file. Use the importdata function to create your own custom report that combines data from Airbridge with data from any other source.


The “Event Date” GroupBy column in the CSV file downloaded via Sharelink may show dates in numbers. In such a case, select all cells that contain the event data value, select [Format] from the top menu bar, and select [Number]>[Date].


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