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Trend Report helps to visualize data from the Actuals Report using trend lines. This allows you to analyze trend changes in a more intuitive manner.

The Trend Report consists of line charts and a table of hourly trend data. The line chart's X-axis shows the interval (Hour, Day, Week, Month) and Y-axis shows either the number or the value of the event based on the metrics you selected from the configuration.


Trend Report Configuration

Trend Report configuration is similar to Actuals Report's.

The data selected through 'configuration' can be further subdivided into monthly or hourly. Note that this also limits the number of metrics and groupBy that can be set at once.

  • Metric: Selectable up to 8 metrics

  • GroupBy: Selectable up to 4 groupBy

  • Time zone: The default timezone is the same as the App time zone.


Hourly Data Segmentation

From the drop-down list on the top right corner of the line chart, you can simply select the interval from hourly/daily/weekly/monthly.

Depending on the interval setting, the maximum period in which data can be viewed differs as following.

  • Hourly: Available up to 7 days

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly: Available up to 92 days


Metric Selection and Chart Display

You can choose up to 8 metrics to show in the chart.  

Also you can simply click the legends to show and hide specific metrics from the chart temporarily. 

Chart Zoom-in & Zoom-out

Dragging a specific area on the line chart will enlarge the data of the selected period. To revert, simply click the 'reset zoom'. 

Saving a New Report 

You can save the report you configured. Name the report and click [ Save ] button on the upper right table. You can find all your saved reports in the [ Saved Reports ]. 


  • Trend Table provides up to 100 rows per metric.

  • You can download or export Trend Table to Google Spreadsheet or CSV file up to 1,000 rows per metric. 

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