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This feature is currently in beta. For inquiries and improvement requests, contact your CSM.

Airbridge supports S2S (Server-to-Server) and SDK integration with AppLovin Max. With the integration, the ad revenue can be viewed on the Airbridge dashboard.

Supported Integration Methods


If the S2S integration has been implemented after May 23, 2024, Airbridge will not send the data received through the S2S integration as postbacks.

When deciding on the integration method, it's important to consider each method's specifics. You can use one or both methods to integrate Airbridge with AppLovin Max.

Integration method

Real-time event collection

Data consistency




Not possible

Relatively high

- Receiving data for attribution

- Uploading data to the data storage

- Configuring SKAN conversion values NOT POSSIBLE



Relatively low

- Receiving real-time data available in the Airbridge Actuals Report, Real-time Log, etc.

- Sending postbacks

- Uploading data to the data storage

- Configuring SKAN conversion values

Implementing both S2S and SDK integration is recommended for more accurate ad performance measurement.

The real-time data received through SDK integration is enriched with the data received through S2S integration. The data received through SDK integration can be used for SKAN measurement.


Server-to-Server Integration

To implement the S2S integration, you need to enter the Report Key provided by AppLovin Max into the Airbridge dashboard.

Getting the Report Key from AppLovin Max

1. Log in to your AppLovin Max account.

2. Go to [Account]>[Keys] in the AppLovin MAX dashboard. The [Account] menu is located at the bottom of the left-side menu.

3. Copy the Report Key.

AppDiscovery Cost Integration

Airbridge also supports cost integration with AppDiscovery provided by AppLovin. With the integration, the cost data can be imported to Airbridge.

If you want to implement the cost integration with AppDiscovery, contact your Airbridge CSM and share the Report Key.



Providing the Report Key to Airbridge

1. Navigate to [Integrations]>[Third-party Integration] and select AppLovin Max.

2. Paste the copied Report Key into the field and click Submit.

3. Once the Report Key is successfully registered, the S2S Integration is complete.

Supported features

Data import schedule


Depending on the data volume, the aggregation process may take a longer time. As a result, the time the data is made available in the Actuals Report may be delayed.

Every day at 11:00 AM (UTC), AppLovin Max sends the data collected for the past 1 day (24 hours) to Airbridge. Airbridge processes the data before making it available on the dashboard. As a result, the AppLovin Max data is available in Airbridge 1 to 2 days after it was collected by AppLovin Max.

For example, given that the Airbridge App timezone is set to UTC, the AppLovin Max data collected from 00:00 AM, 2024-01-01, to 11:59 PM, 2024-01-01, is sent to Airbridge at 11:00 AM, 2024-01-02. This data is available in the Actuals Report from 9:00 PM, 2024-01-02.

SDK Integration

For instructions on how to implement the SDK integration, refer to this article in the developer’s guide.


Due to the real-time data updates in AppLovin Max, data received via the SDK integration between Airbridge and AppLovin Max may differ.

Imported Ad Revenue Data in Airbridge

Once the integration is complete, the ad revenue data can be viewed in the Airbridge dashboard.


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