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By integrating Airbridge with AppLovin's real time in-app bidding solution MAX, ad revenue can be shown on the Airbridge dashboard. Both S2S (Server to Server) and SDK integrations are available.


Please use either the S2S integration method OR the SDK integration method, not both. Duplicate data will be shown if both methods are used.



Server to Server Integration

1. Login to the AppLovin Max account you want to integrate with Airbridge.


2. Go to [Account]>[Keys] in the AppLovin MAX dashboard. The [Account] menu is located on the bottom of the left side menu.

3. Copy the "Report Key" and forward it to your Airbridge CSM (Customer Success Manager).

AppDiscovery Cost Integration

Airbridge also supports AppDiscovery cost integration. Ad spend can be seen on the Airbridge dashboard once integrated.
Steps for cost integration is similar to the S2S ad revenue integration process stated above. Please let your CSM know that not only do you want ad revenue integration with AppLovin MAX, but AppDiscovery cost integration too.



SDK Integration

Please refer to the Airbridge developer guide for AppLovin MAX ad revenue SDK integration.

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