Understanding Events in Airbridge

Each and every user responds differently to advertisements. While some opt for premium subscriptions, others delete the app even before signing up. This is why marketing success hinges on understanding the variety of user behaviors and identifying essential performance indicators. By tailoring your marketing strategy to match individual user characteristics, you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, significantly increasing conversion rates.

Airbridge enables you to define critical user actions as events and track them across apps and websites. The data collected is visualized through a range of charts and tables, allowing for efficient measurement and optimization.

How to Define Events

Events are defined using properties such as Event Category, Event Action, Event Label, Event Value, Semantic Attribute, and Custom Attribute.

Events are categorized as either Standard Events or Custom Events. Standard Events are Airbridge’s event presets that are always supported by Airbridge’s latest updates. Custom Events are fully configurable by Airbridge users.

Every event you define is compiled into a single comprehensive document according to the event taxonomy, ensuring consistency in Airbridge’s data collection across apps and websites.

How to Track Events

Integrate the Airbridge SDK to your app and website. Then, configure the SDK to track the events you defined in the taxonomy. Once the Airbridge SDK is initiated, it will automatically collect the event data.

Additional setup for hybrid apps

To track events from WebViews in a hybrid app, you need to integrate the Airbridge Web SDK and make additional configurations. In addition, specific settings must be configured within the app.

How Airbridge collects event data

Airbridge uses various methods to collect event data from multiple sources, as illustrated in the table below.

Data Source

Data Collection Method


Your app

Airbridge Android SDK; Airbridge iOS SDK, etc.

Conversion data from your app is collected by the Airbridge App SDK.

Your website

Airbridge Web SDK

Conversion data from your website is collected by the Airbridge Web SDK.

Integrated Channels and Custom Channels

Tracking links, SANs’ APIs

Touchpoint data

from ad channels are collected with tracking links or SANs’ APIs.

Difference between Clicks and Clicks (Channel) metrics

The Clicks and Clicks (Channel) metrics both indicate the number of ad clicks, but their data collection methods differ.

  • Clicks: Data collected through Airbridge tracking links

  • Clicks (Channel): Data provided by Integrated Channels

All metrics with (Channel) in their names reflect the measurement reported by Integrated Channels. This rule applies to Impression and Impression (Channel) metrics as well.

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