Migrating to Airbridge

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Migrating to Airbridge from another mobile measurement partner is a seamless process with comprehensive support at every step.


Migration recommendations

Take note of the following recommendations:

  • Complete all other steps before releasing your updated app with the Airbridge SDK.

  • Pause any campaigns while importing identifier data to Airbridge.

Follow the steps below to migrate to Airbridge. You can work on some of the steps simultaneously. The actual migration process may look different depending on the nature of your service and your marketing timeline.






Action Required


- Marketers

- Register your app with Airbridge.

- Design an event taxonomy.

- [Optional] Invite users to collaborate.

SDK integration

- Developers

- Integrate the Airbridge SDK into your app and set it up to collect events.

- Test the SDK integration: Android / iOS.

- Remove other MMP’s SDK. Disable integrations and postbacks with the other MMP.

Identifier data import

- Developers
- Data engineers

- [Optional] Import pre-collected device IDs and user IDs to Airbridge.


- Marketers
- Developers

- Integrate your media partners in Airbridge and create tracking links for your ads.

- Ensure that data is collected as expected via integrations and tracking links.

- [Optional] Integrate your cloud storage and other third-party platforms in Airbridge.

- [Optional] Change your links from other MMPs into the Airbridge tracking links.

Data report setup

- Marketers

- [Optional] Familiarize yourself with the Airbridge report structure.

- [Optional] Prepare your data as preferred, such as via raw data exports or Sharelinks.

App update

- Developers

- Release your updated app with the Airbridge SDK.

Scope of work

Refer to the below for more information on the scope of work for each step.

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