Registering an App with Airbridge

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    To get started with Airbridge and measure your ad performance, you need to register your app to Airbridge. You may have access to multiple organizations and multiple apps, but your access levels may vary. For more details, refer to this article.


    How to Sign in to Airbridge

    1. Click the “Get started” button in the upper right corner of the Airbridge homepage.


    2. Sign in to your Airbridge account. If you don’t have an Airbridge account, click “Create an account” and create an Airbridge account.


    How to Register a New App

    1. To register a new app to Airbridge, click the “Add a new app” button on the [My Apps] page. The Airbridge user who registers the app is automatically assigned the Owner role of the app. For more details on app roles, refer to this article.


    2. Select the organization you want to register the app to. You can select an existing organization if you are an Admin or a Manager of that organization. Or you can create a new organization.

    3. Register your Android app, iOS app, or website.


    If you can’t search your app by its name, enter the app store URL to register. Note that the App Store URL must include the country code.

    4. Enter the app name. The app name is the unique ID of your app within Airbridge which will be used for SDK integration and tracking link generation.

    Only lowercase letters and numbers can be used. You can’t change the app name afterward, so enter after careful consideration.


    5. Select the app time zone. The app time zone can’t be changed once submitted. All data will be displayed based on the selected app time zone. Some reports are based on UTC +09:00. For detailed instructions on setting the app time zone, refer to this article.


    6. Select the app standard currency and click the “Submit” button. For more details about the app standard currency, refer to this article.

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