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    The app info can be found in the [Settings]>[App Settings] page.


    App and Web

    Under “App and Web”, you can see the app and web settings. The Owner of the app can make changes to the settings by clicking “Edit”. The app store URL and web URL are the default redirection destinations of the tracking links.



    Airpage is a webpage created automatically when an app is registered to Airbridge. The webpage shows a QR code that sends users to app stores. You can use the Airpage as the desktop destination when creating tracking links for custom channels to drive app installs.


    App Name

    The app name is a unique ID used for SDK integration and tracking link generation. The app name can’t be changed once the app is registered.


    Display Name

    The display name is the app's name that will be displayed in the Airbridge dashboard. The Owner of the app can change the app display name by clicking on the name.


    App Time Zone

    The app time zone is the time zone selected when registering the app. Refer to the table below to learn which reports and dashboard pages are displayed based on the app time zone.

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