Preparing for iOS App Campaign Measurement with SKAN

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SKAdNetwork (SKAN) can be fully implemented for iOS app campaign measurement once everything is ready on the ad channels, on the app or web where the ads are displayed, on your iOS app, and on the MMP. Read on to learn how to get ready for iOS app campaign measurement with SKAN.


The following requirements must be met to measure iOS app campaigns with SKAN.

  • The iOS app has been authenticated on the [Settings]>[App Settings]>[App Auth] in the Airbridge dashboard.

  • The Airbridge iOS SDK has been updated to the required version.

  • The app events and event properties have been mapped to the conversion values and configured on the [Management]>[SKAN Conversion Value] page in the Airbridge dashboard.

  • SKAN integration between Airbridge and ad channels is complete. SKAN integration between Airbridge and SANs (Self-attributing Networks) that require additional integration processes have been completed.


Even if all requirements are met, the SKAN version you want to implement may not be available for campaign measurement, depending on the SKAN version supported by the ad channel or the iOS versions of user devices.

For example, when the iOS version of the device is earlier than 16.1, SKAN versions earlier than 4.0 are automatically applied for campaign measurement. See below for the SKAN versions applied for measurement per iOS versions.

  • iOS 16.1 and later: SKAN 4.0

  • iOS 14.6 ~ 16.0: SKAN 3.0

  • iOS 14.5 and earlier: SKAN 2.2 and earlier

iOS app authentication

In order to measure your iOS app campaigns via SKAN, your iOS app must be authenticated upon being registered with Airbridge. For more details, refer to this article.

Airbridge iOS SDK update

The following Airbridge iOS SDKs are required to be able to measure app campaigns with SKAN.

Conversion value configuration

Conversion value configuration is essential to measure the in-app events that occur after app installs. Refer to the following articles to learn how to configure the conversion values.


Your [SKAN Conversion Value] page in the Airbridge dashboard must be updated to configure the conversion values that work on both SKAN 3.0 and 4.0. Contact your Airbridge CSM for the update.

SKAN integration status

Apple sends the attribution data via postbacks to ad channels. The ad channels forward the postbacks to Airbridge when SKAN integration with the ad channels is complete.

The ad channels below are integrated with Airbridge and forward SKAN postbacks to Airbridge. If you want to request SKAN integration for ad channels other than the ones listed below, contact us at

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