Metrics and GroupBys for SKAN 4.0 data

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SKAdNetwork (SKAN) is a privacy-preserving iOS framework for mobile install attribution. Released in October 2022, SKAN 4.0 sends three postbacks that include conversion values containing post-install user activity data. The SKAN data can be viewed in the Actuals Report and the Trend Report.

SKAN 4.0 postbacks are sent to Airbridge whenever the random postback timer ends. Refer to the table below for the availability of SKAN 4.0 postback data in Airbridge.


To view your SKAN data, configure the SKAN 4.0 conversion values first. Read this article for detailed instructions.

SKAN Metrics and GroupBys

The SKAN metric and GroupBy names all start with “SKAN.” Search by “SKAN” for SKAN metrics and GroupBys.

  • SKAN event metrics that correspond to all Airbridge standard events are available by default.

  • SKAN event metrics that correspond to custom events that are used in configuring the conversion values are made available once the custom events are received as SKAN postbacks by Airbridge,

The following table lists the SKAN metrics and GroupBys available by measurement components.

Measurement Component



Available for all Components

All SKAN metrics

- SKAN Version
- SKAN Postback Sequence Index
- SKAN Is Null Conversion Value
- SKAN Conversion Value Type
- SKAN Source Identifier Digit

Attribution Overlap

All SKAN metrics

SKAN Is Also Attributed by Airbridge (IDFA)

In-app Events (Conversion)

SKAN {event name} Users (App)

SKAN Event Count Range

In-app Events (Engagement)

SKAN {event name} Count (App)

SKAN Event Count Range


SKAN {event name} Revenue (App)

SKAN Revenue Range


SKAN Retention (App)

SKAN Retention Range

SKAN Metrics and GroupBys by Measurement Component

The SKAN metrics and GroupBys available for viewing SKAN 4.0 data differ depending on the selected measurement component in the [SKAN Conversion Value] menu. The below section details the SKAN metrics and GroupBys you can use by measurement component.

GroupBys available for all measurement components

Attribution Overlap

The measurement component “Attribution Overlap” must be included in the conversion value mapping to create a report view using the following metrics and GroupBys.

When it comes to SKAN data for Meta campaigns, the attribution overlap can only be determined for installs.





Other GroupBys

The following GroupBys are also available for creating a report view of your SKAN data.





Event Category

Event name the user performed

Event Property

Event Source

Source of the event

Event Type

Type of the event

Event Name

Name of the event



Channel of touchpoints and conversions


Campaigns of touchpoints and conversions

Sub Publisher

Sub-publisher of touchpoints and conversions

Campaign ID

Unique ID of the campaign parameter

Channel Type

The type of channel of the conversion

Touchpoint Generation Type

The type of touchpoint generation

Touchpoint Identity Matching Type

The type of touchpoint identity matching type

Is View-through

Whether it is a view-through campaign

Not available for Google data



Device manufacturer


Device Platform

OS Name

Name of OS


Airbridge App Name

App name registered to Airbridge by App Owner

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