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Airbridge supports SKAdNetwork integration with Meta ads. Follow the instructions below for the integration.


Your Meta ads performance data is available as "" channel data in Airbridge.

SKAdNetwork Integration Setup

SKAN conversion value setup in Airbridge

Navigate to [Management]>[SKAN Conversion Value Rule] and configure the SKAN conversion value rules. This step must be completed to proceed to the event mapping between Airbridge events and Meta ads events. For detailed instructions, refer to the following article.

Event mapping between Airbridge and Meta ads

Navigate to [Integrations]>[Ad Channel Integration]>[Facebook Business]>[SKAdNetwork] and map the Airbridge events with the Meta ads events. The Airbridge events are the events configured for the SKAN conversion value setup.

Data discrepancies may occur if multiple Airbridge events are mapped to a single Meta ads event.


Event configuration schema URL in Airbridge

Once the event mapping is completed, switch on the [Event configuration schema] toggle to activate the Airbridge event configuration schema URL, which is the URL used to send the event mapping to Meta. Copy the URL.

How to get the event mapping from Meta

1. Sign in to Meta Business Suite and navigate to [Event Manager].


2. Select [Data Source] from the sidebar.

3. Select the app you want to configure. Then select [Settings].


4. Find the Configure App Events for SKAdNetwork section and click Configure Events or Edit Events.

5. Select Import from Partner App.


6. Paste the event configuration schema URL you copied from Airbridge into the field and click Connect.

7. Review the SKAN event mapping of Airbridge and Meta ads events and click Apply.


How to edit the SKAN integration configuration

  1. Navigate to [Integration]>[Ad Channel Integration]>[Meta ads] and select the [SKAdNetwork] tab. Switch off the [Event Configuration Schema] toggle. The toggle turns grey when switched off.

2. Then, move back to the Meta Ads Manager. On the [Event Manager]>[Review] page, click Reset Events. The rest of the process is the same as the SKAN integration setup process.


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