Data Discrepancies between Meta Ads and Airbridge

Jusang SongWritten by Jusang Song,

Data discrepancies may occur between Meta and Airbridge due to varying reasons. Read on to learn the primary causes of the discrepancy. For more details, you may also refer to this article from Meta.


Make sure the channel integration with Airbridge is completed before checking up on the causes of data discrepancy.


Differences in the Attribution Model

Differences in Aggregating Data

Differences in Data Display

Fraud Validation Rules

Airbridge identifies ad fraud based on the fraud validation rules you configure in your Airbridge dashboard. The fraudulent conversions and touchpoints are processed according to the prevention level you set - they can be marked as fraud but still attributed or not attributed at all. Refer to this article to learn more about the prevention levels.

Meta, on the other hand, is known not to have a fraud validation rule, which may cause a discrepancy in data.

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