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Airbridge supports a variety of identifiers for attribution and reporting purposes. The identifiers are primarily collected via the Airbridge SDK integrated into your app or website.

Types of Identifiers

Airbridge supports 3 types of identifiers: device ID, user ID, and Airbridge ID.


ID Type



Device ID

- The device ID is a unique identifier assigned to each device.
- If a user uses multiple devices, multiple device IDs are collected.
- GAID from Android, IDFA and IDFV from iOS, and cookie ID from the web are examples of device IDs. The Random Generated ID is also a type of device ID.

User ID

- The user ID is a unique identifier assigned to each user account or to each user that can be uniquely identified via the information submitted when signing up.
- The user ID may not be collected if the user does not sign up or sign in.

Airbridge ID

- The Airbridge ID is a unique identifier generated by consolidating the device ID and the user ID. Each user ID is tied to one or more device IDs to complete the picture.
- The Airbridge ID ensures higher accuracy than the device ID because the Airbridge ID can be used to identify a user with multiple devices as a single user.

Random Generated ID

If the GAID or the IDFA cannot be collected or used due to Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) or App Tracking Transparency (ATT), Airbridge uses the IDFV or the Random Generated ID instead. The Random Generated ID is an identifier randomly generated by the Airbridge SDK.

Types of identifiers used across Airbridge features

Airbridge supports different identifiers for different purposes, as illustrated below.

Identification Process

The data displayed in the Airbridge reports may differ depending on the type of identifier used. Read on to learn how different identifiers are collected and used in Airbridge.


The identifiers in the scenarios below are simplified to facilitate your understanding; real-world identifiers are more complex.

Confirm identifier availability

Note that not all types of identifiers are collected at all times. The device ID may not be collected under certain conditions. The user ID may not be collected if the user does not sign up or sign in.

The Airbridge ID is automatically generated by Airbridge when either the user ID or the device ID is collected.


Device ID


User ID


Airbridge ID













Determine unique users

Once the availability of different identifiers has been confirmed, Airbridge proceeds to determine unique users using the identifiers.

Refer to the scenarios below to understand the identification process.

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