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Google will be deprecating the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) legacy API. To continue using Android uninstall tracking, update your Firebase credentials submitted to Airbridge by May 31, 2024. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

Airbridge will use the new API starting with the next silent push notifications after you update your credentials. The new API does not affect the uninstall event count or the uninstall tracking mechanism.

By enabling uninstall tracking, you can view how many users deleted the app in the Airbridge dashboard. Refer to the following articles and get help from your developer to enable uninstall tracking.


The [Uninstall Tracking] menu in the Airbridge dashboard is available for only Owner and In-house Marketer users.

How Uninstall Tracking Works

Airbridge sends silent push notifications to users who have performed any app event at least once in the past 6 months to check if they have deleted the app. These silent push notifications are sent daily between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM UTC. When the response confirming the successful sending of a silent push notification is not received, Airbridge reports it as an uninstall.

The uninstall event is attributed to the same ad channel that has contributed to the latest install within the time period of attribution window + 1 day. Uninstall events reported after this time period will be sorted as “Unattributed.”

Uninstall Tracking Setup

Navigate to [Settings]>[Uninstall Tracking] to enable uninstall tracking. Refer to the following articles and get help from your developer to enable uninstall tracking.

Get your developer involved

The uninstall tracking setup includes the SDK setup and silent push notification test which requires the expertise of a developer.

Once the developer-side setup is completed, switch on the Enable uninstall tracking toggle at the bottom of the [Uninstall Tracking] page to start tracking uninstall events. The device information is collected right after the SDK setup is completed, and therefore, the uninstall event data of the first couple of days from the day the toggle is switched on may not reflect the actual user behavior.

For more details, refer to this section.

How to view uninstall events

The timestamp of the uninstall event corresponds to the time when the silent push notification was sent. The response to the silent push notification is received days later, and therefore it is not possible to know the exact time when the uninstall event occurred. The uninstall events can be viewed in the following:

  • Actuals Report, Trend Report, Retention Report, Funnel Report: Uninstall (App) must be selected as a metric

  • Raw data export files: Uninstall (App) must be included in the event list for data export


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