Understanding Tracking Links and Parameters

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A tracking link is a link that sends user behavior data to Airbridge when the user views or clicks an ad. Read this article to understand how tracking links are structured and what parameters can be added to effectively track your campaigns and redirect users for a frictionless user experience.


The basic structure of an Airbridge tracking link looks like the following:


  • your_app_name: The APP Name registered in Airbridge

  • example_channel: The ad channel name that carries the ad

Parameters can be appended to the basic tracking link. The first parameter must start with a question mark (”?”), and each parameter shall be divided by an ampersand (”&”). A typical tracking link with 2 parameters would look like the following:

  • https://abr.ge/@APP_NAME/MEDIA_NAME?parameter1={parameter1 value}&parameter2={parameter2 value}


Airbridge provides 3 types of tracking link parameters: campaign parameters, Airbridge parameters, and channel (custom) parameters.

Parameter Type

Key Parameters

Campaign Parameter

campaign, campaign_id, ad_group, ad_group_id, ad_creative, ad_creative_id, content, term, term_id

Airbridge Parameter

ad_type, tracking_template_id, routing_short_id, og_tag_id, deeplink_url

Channel (Custom) Parameter

cilick_id, sub_id, sub_id_1, sub_id_2, sub_id_3, ad_id, gaid_raw, ifa_raw, ip, user_agent, language

 The following section lists all parameters and their descriptions.

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