FAQ - Configuring Tracking Links

Yeji JeonWritten by Yeji Jeon,

The deletion would cause the tracking link to disappear from the tracking link list but not lose its function. You are still able to monitor the performance of the tracking list.  


Changing the path of tracking link or deep link wouldn't require a change in the QR code image as the tracking link format remains the same. However, if you'd like to make changes in campaign parameters (channel, campaign, ad group, ad creative, etc), you should create a new tracking link.


When creating the tracking link of Airbridge's Integrated Channel, you may find additional parameters under the Publisher tab in a name of 'Sub-Publisher' or 'SubSub-Publisher'. These are preset parameters on a purpose of media optimization determined when Airbridge initially integrated with Media Partner. Hence, we recommend our advertisers not to modify the value for the better result of media optimization


If you have more questions, please contact us through Airbridge CSM.

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