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Deep links send users directly to a desired in-app location from an ad or a webpage. Using deep links for your campaigns will enhance user experience and drive conversions.

Airbridge supports the Uniform Resource Identifier Scheme (URI) and other types of deep links, such as App Links for Android and Universal Links for iOS. Airbridge also supports deferred deep links, which allow users who don't have your app installed to land on a specific page within your app instead of the home screen after installation. 

Ask a developer for help

Knowledge of app development is required for the deep link configuration. Ask a developer for help to configure the deep link settings.


You can create deep links after providing the information required for deep link configuration to Airbridge. When configuring the deferred deep linking feature, the deep link can send users who didn't install your app to the app store page and redirect that user to the intended in-app page once the user installs and launches your app.

To use Airbridge's deep linking features, navigate to [Tracking Link]>[Deep Links] and provide the necessary information. You may need help from the developer.

Refer to the following information per OS.

After all necessary information has been provided on the [Deep Links] page, you can create tracking links on the [Tracking Link]>[Link Generation] page. In the “Redirection Path” section, enter a URI scheme to create a tracking link with deep linking features.

To learn more about creating tracking links, refer to this article.


The deep links you create with Airbridge also support deferred deep linking. When a user clicks on the deep link and doesn’t have the app installed, the user is sent to the app store. When that user installs and opens the app, the user can still be sent to the in-app location as you intended.

The deferred deep link works for up to one hour from when the user clicks on the deep link. For example, if a user clicks on the deep link at 9 AM, installs, and opens your app at 9:59 AM, the user will still be landing on the intended in-app page that is set as the destination.

If the user clicks on the deep link at 9 AM, makes an organic visit to the app store, and installs and opens the app at 9:59 AM, the deferred deep link will still work. However, if that user opens the app after 10 AM, the deferred deep link will no longer work, and the user will land at the app’s home screen.

The deferred deep links created with Airbridge work on iOS 14.5 and later. However, Airbridge does not track any user-level data with deep links to comply with Apple’s ATT framework. The deep links are used for the sole purpose of redirecting the users who click the link to an in-app location.

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