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Airbridge supports third-party app market tracking such as One Store or Huawei App Gallary. Also, Airbridge offers an option to redirect your users to those third-party app markets upon clicking the ads. 

The following instruction involves SDK code changes. Please reach out to your developer to set up.


Supported Third-party App Market 

  • One Store App download link (e.g.

  • Huawei App Gallery App download link (e.g.

  • Samsung Galaxy Store (e.g.


How to Setup

1. Android SDK Installation and Multi-store Measurement

In order to track and attribute to third-party app markets, it requires having a 2.9.0 or later version of Airbridge Android SDK installed and a multi-store measurement setup. 


Note for Android 11+ 

From Android 11, when interacting with external apps, the SDK must specify which packages the app interacts with through the `<queries>` tag in `AndroidManifest.xml`.

To support this, refer to the below definitions to apply to the Airbridge Android SDK so that it can interact with One Store or Huawei Gallary.

<manifest ...>
<!-- Huawei App Gallery package names-->
<package android:name="com.huawei.hwid" />
<package android:name="com.huawei.appmarket" />
<!-- ONE Store package names -->
<package android:name="com.skt.skaf.A000Z00040" />
<package android:name="com.kt.olleh.storefront" />
<package android:name="com.kt.olleh.istore" />
<package android:name="com.lguplus.appstore" />
<package android:name="android.lgt.appstore" />
<!-- Samsung Galaxy Store package name -->
<package android:name=""/>

`<queries>` tag requires version `4.1` or higher Android Gradle Plugin, and in case it's not possible to update version `4.1` or higher Android Gradle Plugin, it can be supported by updating patch versions as shown in the table below.

Read Preparing your Gradle build for package visibility in Android 11 for more detail.



Airbridge offers several options for the user's final destination. You can either send users to app markets regardless of app installs or send app-installed users to the app, and send the rest of the users to the app markets. 

Sending users to App market regardless of app installs 

Go to [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link  >  Redirection Path ] and select 'App Market' for the destination. Then, select Web URL for Android and input the desired app market address. 


Installed user > in-app, the others > app market 

Go to [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link  >  Redirection Path ] and select 'App (Deep Link)' and input your deep link. 


3. How to check Tracking and Attribution Result

How to check the tracking status 

Go to [ Raw Data > App Real-time Logs ] and select the event to check the app market tracking. If app market tracking is successfully set up, the appMarketIdentifier will appear to the event log in the right window. (See image below)


How to check attribution data

Attribution data is available via Actuals and Raw Data Export. Select the events and group by app market identifier to check attribution data per each app market. 



One Store

  • Ensure to use the One Store mobile-only website link format.

  • The Desktop-only URL (, may fail the users to landing the One Store market.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Some redirection link types supported by Samsung Galaxy Store are unable to track because the referrer information cannot be collected. Please make sure to use the trackable link type for redirection.

Trackable Redirection Link Type

  • samsungapps://


Untrackable Redirection Link Type




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