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Airbridge supports cost integration with Google Ads to import Google Ads campaign cost data to Airbridge. Only the Owner and In-house Marketer can configure the cost integration.

Cost Integration Setup

1. Navigate to [Integration]>[Ad Channel Integration]>[Google Ads], select the [Cost Integration] tab, and switch on the [Google Ads cost Integration] toggle.

2. Click Log in to Google and log in to your Google Ads account. The account must have a recent history of campaign operation. In the login process, allow Airbridge to access your account.

3. Select the ad accounts you want to connect with Airbridge from the ad account list. The ad accounts must have a recent history of campaign operation.

4. When you complete the steps above, you will see the ad accounts in the list.

5. To connect more ad accounts, click Log in to Google.


Managing Cost Integration

Managing Integration Status

You can view the current status of your connections in the status column. Even if you have completed the cost integration, the status will show "Waiting" until the cost data is actually imported to Airbridge.

Cost Data Reporting

The cost data imported from Google Ads via cost integration can be viewed in the Actuals Report and Trend Report at the campaign level or ad group level. The following metrics and GroupBys can be used for report configuration.


The cost data for Google Performance Max campaigns are only available on campaign-level.


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