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Airbridge supports Google Ads web campaign tracking.


When you use any third-party domain, including tracking links as the final URL, the web ad placement request will be turned down. Make sure not to use tracking links as the final URL.

As Google Ads employs parallel tracking, web tracking is not possible using the tracking template.

Web Campaign Tracking

Google Ads web campaigns can be tracked by adding the UTM parameters to the final URL of your ad. Follow the steps below to enable the UTM parameter parsing.

  1. Install the Airbridge Web SDK into your website which is your final URL for your ad.

  2. Enable UTM parameter parsing in the Airbridge Web SDK. Refer to this article for more details.

  3. Add the UTM parameters to the final URL when setting up your Google Ads web campaign. Refer to the mapping table below.


If you are adding UTM parameters to your final URL, make sure you add the utm_source parameter. Without the utm_source parameter, the UTM parsing won’t work regardless of whether other parameters are added or not.

Using ValueTrack parameters for Web Tracking

Instead of adding the UTM parameters in your final URLs, you can add Google Ads’ ValueTrack parameters to your ads. Most of the information you get via the ValueTrack parameters will only be available in ID format.

For more details, refer to this article from Google Ads.

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