Google Ads Integration Setup

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    Google Ads offers advertising placements in search result pages, videos, mobile apps, and other partnered web pages. With the integration with Google Ads, you can view your Google Ads campaign performance in Airbridge.

    Integration Setup

    The first step in the integration setup process is to create a Google Ads Link ID and provide it to Airbridge. Then, the Airbridge events must be imported to Google Ads and set as conversion actions. Follow the below steps for the integration setup.


    1. Log in to your Google Ads account, navigate to [Tools and settings]>[Setup]>[Linked accounts] from the top menu bar.


    2. Select "App" from the category buttons, find “Third-party app analytics,” and click “Details.”

    3. Click “Create link ID.”


    4. Select “Airbridge” as the app analytics provider and select your mobile app's platform, Android or iOS. You need to create a link ID for each platform if you have apps on both platforms by repeating the above process.


    5. Select your relevant app under [Look up your app], and click ”Create link ID” to get your link ID.


    6. If you already have existing linked third-party analytics accounts, navigate to [Tools and settings]>[Setup]>[Linked accounts], find “Third-party app analytics,” click “Manage & link” and then click the [plus] icon to create a new link ID.


    Once you have copied the Google Ads link ID, log in to your Airbridge account, navigate to [Integrations]>[Integrated Ad Channels]>[Google Ads], and paste it to the link ID field. Make sure you paste the link ID in the correct field, as the link IDs for Android and iOS apps are different.

    If you work with agencies, we recommend that you become the owner of all your apps' link IDs so you can invite other accounts to share link IDs. Read this Google Ads article to learn how to share link IDs with other Google Ads accounts. Only 1 link ID per platform (Android, iOS) can be registered for 1 app registered in Airbridge.


    Import Airbridge Events into Google Ads

    The next step is to import Airbridge events into Google Ads and set them as conversion actions.

    1. Log in to your Google Ads account and navigate to [Tools and settings]>[Measurement]>[Conversions].


    2. Click the “New conversion action” button.


    3. Select “App” from the list of conversion types.

    4. Select “Third-party Analytics” and click the “Continue” button.


    5. Select the Airbridge events you want to import to Google Ads, which will be set as conversion actions. The Airbridge events are available in the import list only when the Airbridge events are collected by Airbridge after the Google Ads link ID has been registered to Airbridge.

    The “First_open” event MUST be included in the selection. Once you have selected all events you want to import, click the “Import and continue” button.

    You’ll now see your third-party conversion events in the conversion actions table. Click on the name of the event to see more details.



    If you can’t see the conversion actions in the conversion actions table properly or you can’t see the Google Ads campaign data in Airbridge, follow the below tips for troubleshooting.


    Auto-tagging (iOS)

    Google Ads has introduced GCLID and gBraid to optimize Google's iOS campaign while protecting user privacy in accordance with iOS privacy policy. Google campaigns collect GCLID and gBraid to support advanced execution and more accurate performance tracking.

    To collect GCLID and gBraid, you must enable the automatic tagging feature in the Google Ads dashboard. Navigate to [Settings]>[Account Settings] and check the checkbox to enable auto-tagging.

    GCLID and gBraid

    In April 2022, Google implemented a policy to remove previously used Google Advertising IDs (GAIDs) on all Android devices if a user does not allow app tracking. In that case, campaign performance can only be measured using GCLIDs or Google Play Install Referrers (GIRs), not GAIDs.

    Starting with iOS 14.5, GCLIDs cannot be collected unless the user has enabled app tracking. To address this challenge, Google Ads introduced the gBraid parameter that can provide anonymized and aggregated conversion data to advertisers. gBraid is used to maintain accurate conversion tracking and retargeting on iOS.


    Attribution Rule Settings

    Navigate to [Integrations]>[Integrated Ad Channels]>[Google Ads] and select the [Attribution Rule] tab to view the attribution rules for Google Ads. Click the “Go to edit page” button to move to the [Management]>[Attribution Rule] page, where you can edit the attribution rules.

    To learn about the detailed instructions on how to set the attribution rules, follow this article.

    How to view Google Ads data in Airbridge

    Google Ads provides different data sets for different campaigns. The scope of data available is subject to change depending on Google Ads’ data policy. If you can’t view some of the data sets, check your campaign type and the scope of data available. For more details, read this Google Ads article.

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