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Select "Sub-Publisher" as GroupBy or filter to view the performance of Pangle ads in the Airbridge reports.

Airbridge supports cost integration with TikTok For Business. Airbridge users with Owner or In-house Marketer roles or users who have been granted authorized Agency roles from the [Agency Settings] page can view the cost and touchpoint data of TikTok campaigns in the Airbridge dashboard. Follow the steps below to enable cost integration.

Cost Integration Setup

1. Navigate to [Integrations]>[Ad Channel Integration] and select TikTok For Business.

2. In the [Cost Integration] tab, switch on the [TikTok For Business Cost Integration] toggle and click Log in to TikTok For Business

3. Log in to your TikTok For Business account in the pop-up window. 

4. Decide the level of access you want to give Airbridge and click Confirm. If you want to track the cost and touchpoint data of your TikTok campaigns in Airbridge, check all 4 items.

5. Select the TikTok For Business ad account you want to integrate with Airbridge and click Complete.

6. Now, the TikTok For Business ad account you selected will be listed on the cost integration page in Airbridge. The status will show “Waiting” until the next data import, which could take up to 4 hours. If your TikTok For Business ad account is verified within the next 4 hours, the cost data will be pulled into Airbridge, and the status will change to “Active.”

Integration management

Integration status

Upon submitting your ad account information to Airbridge, you can check if the integration is running. The status may show “Waiting” even when the account is successfully added if no data has been pulled yet.

For more details on the data import schedule and integration status, refer to the below information.

Cost data in Airbridge Reports

The campaign-level or ad group-level data pulled from TikTok For Business via cost integration can be viewed in the Actuals Report and Trend Report using the metrics and GroupBys below.

Unspecified ad account name

Airbridge receives a null value for the Ad Account ID if a user has not specified the ad account name in the TikTok For Business dashboard. Selecting Ad Account ID as GroupBy in the Actuals Report or the Trend Report may show an empty column.


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