Airbridge supports app installs and app retargeting campaigns for Criteo using server-to-server connections. To start tracking and measuring your Criteo's ad performance on Airbridge, please refer to the guide below to set it up. This guide is based on the Criteo (New) channel.


Airbridge Dashboard Setup


1. Search and select 'Criteo_New' from [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link > Integrated Channels ].

2. (Optional) Fill out the campaign optimizing parameters that will be associated with the tracking link.

3. Click the [ Create Link ] button to generate your tracking link. 

💡  Redirection path setup is not required as Criteo handles redirection from their end. blobid2.png


Set up Campaign Type 

App Installs (User Acquisition) Campaign

For the app installs campaign, it doesn't require any other setup rather than creating a tracking link. 


App Retargeting Campaign

Criteo sends the user who clicked an ad to the specific in-app page using the advertiser's scheme deeplink. Advertisers need to append the below parameters to their scheme deeplink in order to ensure accurate attribution to the Criteo. 

  • [Required] Criteo channel parameter: To let Airbridge know the user flew in via deeplink, the advertiser must append airbridge_channel=criteo_new to their deeplink. If missing, no attribution will be made to Criteo.
  • [Highly recommended] Airbridge campaign parameters: If you filled out campaign optimization parameters when creating the tracking link, you need to append the same values to your deeplink as well. These parameters do not have any impact on the attribution logic, but these will enable you to view reports with groupbys.

Please refer to the below examples.

1. With Campaign Parameters in the Tracking Link 

Tracking link:


Your scheme deeplink:

* airbridge_channel=criteo_new and campaign parameters need to be appended 



2. Without Campaign Parameters in the Tracking Link 

Tracking link:


Your scheme deeplink:

*Only airbridge_channel=criteo_new needs to be appended.



Please don't hesitate to contact your CSM or Platform Team should you have any questions in setting up or managing Criteo ad campaigns.

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