Directing PC Users to Download the App Using the QR Code

This playbook explains how to measure performance when a PC web user uses a QR code on a website to install an app.


Attribution Scenarios 

  1. When a user clicks an online ad through their PC and installs the app using a QR code on the website: The app installation is attributed to the clicked ad.
  2. When a user lands on the website with no ad views/clicks and installs the app using the QR code on the website: The app installation is attributed to the QR code.



Setup Method

Prepare an element on the website (PC) to embed the QR code, and embed the following script for a dynamic QR code creation.

<!-- Element to embed QR Code -->

<div id="qrcode"></div>

<!-- Script for dynamic creation of QR Code -->

<script src=""></script>



 var qrcode = new QRCode("qrcode", {

   text: """/airbridge.websdk?campaign=qrcode&client_id="+res.browser.clientID,

   width: 128, // QR Code width adjustment

   height: 128, // QR Code height adjustment

   colorDark : "#000000",

   colorLight : "#ffffff",

   correctLevel : QRCode.CorrectLevel.H




Modifying and Adding Campaign Parameters

When there are several QR codes on the website(PC), it’s possible to set the campaign=qrcode part of the text option value for each QR code (e.g. campaign=main_qrcode, campaign=product_qrcode) or use additional campaign parameters (e.g. campaign=qrcode&content=mainpage_button, campaign=qrcode&sub_id=mainpage).

💡 Notes

  1. Before embedding the above script, make sure Airbridge Web SDK is installed. Please refer to the guide for installation.
  2. The Protected Attribution Window option must be applied in order to enable website ad tracking. Set useProtectedAttributionWindow to true upon init. Please refer to the guide for details.
  3. Do not modify the channel(airbridge.websdk) of the tracking link (the text option part). Doing so will change the attribution order of priority and the app install will not be attributed to the ad touchpoint.


Demo Page Code

An example of the QR code implementation can be found here.

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