TikTok for Business Ad

Airbridge supports 'Click Attribution' and 'View-through Attribution' for TikTok For Business. Please follow the below instruction to set up both Click and View-through attributions in Airbridge Dashboard and TikTok Ads Manager. 


Airbridge Dashboard Setup

  1. Search and select 'TikTok' from [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link > Integrated Channels ].

  2. Click [ Create Link ] without modifying any preset macro values in Campaign Optimization Parameters. 
    * The preset macros are defined by Airbridge and TikTok for Business in advance. These are to check the attribution result with the same value on the Airbridge dashboard by receiving the values entered when creating ad campaign in TikTok Ads Manager. While it is possible to modify the macros in Airbridge Dashboard, we recommend not editing these present macros should you wish to not receive them from TikTok Ads Manager.
  3. Once you create both Click and View tracking links, copy and paste them in TikTok Ads Manager following the below instruction.

💡  TikTok For Business Ad does not require setting up redirection in the Airbridge Dashboard as it is directly handled by TikTok Ads Manager. 


TikTok Ads Manager Setup

  1. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager.
  2. In the top menu, go to [ Asset > Event ]  and click 'Manage'. 


  3. Click 'Create New App' mceclip1.png

  4. Enter your app's Download URL per OS (App Store / Google Play URL) and click 'Next'.mceclip4.png

  5. [Tracking Settings] Select 'Airbridge' from the Mobile Measurement Partner list. Place Click and View(Impression) tracking link copied from Airbridge Dashboard into the 'Click Tracking URL' and 'Default Impression Tracking URL' respectively. Then click 'Confirm'.

    💡  TikTok highly recommends using view-through attribution, which will help improve your ad performance.

  6. [App Event Settings] You can find a list of TikTok's standard events based on the App information entered in the 'Download URL Settings'. Once you confirm with the list of events, click 'Done' to complete the setting. These events will be tracked by Airbridge and then sent to TikTok via Postback(S2S). Please feel free to reach out to your designated CSM or Platform Team for any questions about Postback.blobid0.png

TikTok <> Airbridge Supported Events List

Event Name

TikTok Event

Install install_app
Launch / Open launch_app
Deeplink Launch launch_app
Purchase  pay
Add To Cart  add_to_cart
View Detailed Product view_content
View Search Result  search
Sign In login
Sign Up  registration


How to Create Ad Campaigns for TikTok

  1. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager and click 'Create' in the [Campaign] page.

  2. Select Advertising Object and then set up the rest of Ad Group, Ad, and etc to create the campaign. Please refer to the Tiktok For Business Help Center for further instruction. 

TikTok App Event Optimization (AEO)

App Event Optimization(AEO) is a tool that helps advertisers more efficiently acquire high-value users who have a greater chance of conducting specific in-app events. You may want to use "All Postback” setting inside the Airbridge dashboard to maximize event volume.

AEO Category and Unlock condition

Shallow Funnel Event: These events are shallow and the volume of potential users is relatively large, which is easier to obtain more of these events. For example, 'login', 'register', 'Add to Cart', etc falls into this category.


  • Under any account, you must have accumulated at least 50 corresponding events within the past 30 days in your app.
    • Please note that even after it has been unlocked, this feature can be locked again if you fall below the threshold.

Deep Funnel Event: These events are expected to have a smaller volume of potential users and more difficult to acquire such as 'Purchase' event.Untitled__1_.png

  • Under any account, accumulate at least 50 corresponding deep events within the past 7 days in your app.
    • Please note that even after it has been unlocked, this feature can be locked again if you fall below the threshold.
  • Advertisers are required to set up event postback for TikTok Ads Manager before accumulating event conversions in order to unlock the respective features.

Please read on for detailed setup guidelines for AEO.

AEO Manual Guide


How to Register a TikTok App ID

The TikTok App ID(TTAID) is a unique code that's generated in TikTok Ads Manager. You can register TTAID into Airbridge Dashboard in order to receive the verification of your app and unlock TikTok advertising features. Please refer to the below instruction to register TTAID.


  1. Go to TikTok Ads Manager > Event Manager to generate and copy the TikTok App ID.

  2. Paste the TikTok App ID into the Airbridge Dashboard [ Integrated Ad Channels > TikTok > Postback Setting > Integration Info ]. TikTok App ID is unique per OS.

  3. Once an event is sent to TikTok via Postback with TikTok App ID, you should see the Verified label appears on your app page in TikTok Events Manager.

Product benefits of TikTok App ID

TikTok App ID will ensure that advertisers have control over their data while also giving access to additional products including:

  • Ability to use non-attributed events for DMP / Audiences without having to get whitelisted (including retargeting). This will result in more options for audience lists and increased optimization signals to improve performance.
  • Get early access from your TikTok sales rep for the following app ad products:
    • App Event Optimization
    • Value Optimization
    • Retargeting
  • See statistics of non-attributed events in Events Manager
  • For some advertisers, verification via TikTok App ID will be required before you can make iOS 14 dedicated campaigns. If you fall into this bucket, you will see an in-product notification guiding you through the process in TikTok Ads Manager.


Please don't hesitate to contact your CSM or Platform Team should you have any questions in setting up or managing TikTok for Business ad.


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