TikTok for Business Ad

Airbridge supports 'Click Attribution' and View-through Attribution' for TikTok For Business. Please follow below instruction to setup both in Airbridge Dashboard and TikTok Ads Manager. 


Airbridge Dashboard Setup

  1. Search and select 'TikTok' from [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link > Integrated Channels ].

  2. Click [ Create Link ] without modifying any preset macro values in Campaign Optimization Parameters.
    * The preset macros were defined between Airbridge and TikTok for Business in advance. These  are to check the attribution result with the same value on the Airbridge dashboard by receiving the values entered when creating ad campaign in TikTok Ads Manager. While it is possible to modify the macros in Airbridge Dashboard if you wish not to receive them from TikTok Ads Manager, we recommend you not to edit these preset macros so far as possible. 
  3. Once you create both Click and View tracking links, copy and paste them in TikTok Ads Manager followed by the below instruction.

💡  For TikTok For Business Ad, it does not require to setup redirection in the Airbridge Dashboard as it is handled from TikTok Ads Manager. 


TikTok Ads Manager Setup

  1. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager.

  2. In the top menu, go to[ Asset > Event ]  and click 'Manage'. 

  3. Click 'Create New App' 

  4. Enter your app's Download URL per OS (App Store / Google Play URL) and click 'Next'.mceclip4.png

  5. [Tracking Settings] Select 'Airbridge' from the Mobile Measurement Partner list. Place Click and View(Impression) tracking link copied from Airbridge Dashboard into the 'Click Tracking URL' and 'Default Impression Tracking URL' respectively. Then click 'Confirm'.
    *TikTok highly recommends to use view-through attribution, which will help improve your ad performance.

  6. [App Event Settings] You can find the list of TikTok's standard events based on the App information entered in the 'Download URL Settings'. Once you confirm with the list of events, click 'Done' to complete the setting. These events would be tracked by Airbridge and then sent to TikTok via Postback(S2S). Please feel free to reach out to your designated CSM or Platform Team if you have any questions about Postback.

How to Create Ad Campaigns for TikTok

  1. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager and click 'Create' in the [Campaign] page.

  2. Select Advertising Object and then setup the rest of Ad Group, Ad, etc to create the campaign. Please refer to the Tiktok For Business Help Center for further instruction. 

Should you have any other questions regarding the TikTok for Business ad setup or operation, please contact your CSM or Platform Team.


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