What is SKAdNetwork and Conversion Value?

In line with Apple Policy, it requires the use of a framework called SKAdNetwork for tracking app installation by advertisement.

Apple allows only the minimal tracking of app usage(in-app events) in the form of Conversion Value when an app is installed through SKAdNetwork.

Therefore, Airbridge introduces the new feature to define what you'd like to track using the Conversion Value.

🚨 Requirement: The supported Airbridge iOS SDK version must be 1.14.3 or later version! Even though you set your Conversion Value in Airbridge Dashboard, it will not work if the Airbridge iOS SDK version is not met minimum version 1.14.3. Please check your iOS SDK version in advance.
If you are planning or running ad campaigns with Apple Search Ads, you need to update your iOS SDK to 1.15.3

To set up the Conversion Value in Airbridge Dashboard, go to Management > SKAN Conversion Value.

Limitation of Conversion Value Setting

One of the biggest constraints of Conversion Value is that it can only be tracked by using the 6-bit value.

  • 6 bit: 6 bit contains six numeric characters, which can only be 0 or 1.
  • Binary number: A Binary Number is made up of only 0s and 1s.



Decimal Number and Binary Number Example

Decimal Number 

Binary Number

7 111
14 1110
28 11100
42 101010
63 111111


In conclusion, you can track up to 64 different values (0 - 63) using the 6 bit conversion value.

Airbridge provides the most useful tracking set within this 6-bit limitation.


Available Tracking Measurement

1. Revenue

It tracks the total amount purchased by the user for 24 hours after installing an app.

Due to the 6-bit limitation, it can be tracked by revenue range instead of the exact purchase amount.


In the above configuration, let's say the user paid $35 for his/her purchase, then it will track '3' corresponding to the range of $30 - $40. If another user paid $70, then it will track '7' as it falls into the range of over $60.

You can select and apply among 3 / 7 / 15 revenue ranges.

('0' refers to 'no purchase')


2. Number of Order Complete

It tracks the number of purchases made by a user for 24 hours after installing an app.

It counts the purchases using Order Complete(App) event, one of the Airbridge Standard events.

You can select and apply to track the number of purchases up to 3 times / 7 times / 15 times.

Let's say if you choose to track purchases up to 3 times, it can track from no purchase (0) to 3 purchases. Even if the user purchases more than 3 times, it will still count as 3 times.

('0' refers to 'no purchase')


3. Event Conversion

It tracks if a user performed other in-app events besides 'purchase'.

It tracks if a user performed the selected event's duration of 24 hours after installing an app.

For example, if you'd like to track whether the user sign-up after he/she installed an app, you can select sign-up event to track.

You can select existing in-app events(s) among standard and custom events that you are already tracking via Airbridge.

You can select Event Conversions for up to 6 events based on the tracking set you selected.


Definition of Tracking Set

In order to configure the most effective Tracking Set, go to Tracking Set > Configuration > Advanced Settings and follow the below guide.

1. Tracking Set

Select one of the tracking sets from the below 4 options.


2. Configuration of Tracking Set

Select the suitable configuration of the tracking set.


3. Advanced Settings

Select the currency type, define revenue ranges, and select the event conversion if applicable. The "Number of Order Complete" is automatically defined based on your prior configuration.


  • Amount Auto Fill-up Feature
    1. Input amount


      Once you input the amount, you can find ↓ button next to the input box for auto fill-up.mceclip11.png


    2. Click ↓ button
      If you click the ↓ button, it will automatically fill up the remaining input boxes with the doubled amount of the previous amount.


    3. This can be applied multiple times.
      If you click the Autofill button next to the $50, the remaining input boxes will be filled with the doubled amount starting from that section.


6 Bits Configuration

Once you complete the Conversion Value setting, you can check your overall setting at a glance. 



Also, click the [ See 6 Bits Configuration ] button to see the full list of 6 bits configurations which displays how the conversion value you've set is assigned to each bit.


What is 'Priority'?

Facebook uses 'Event Priority Model' which assigns more important events to the higher priority(number). Event Priority is used for optimization. From this list, you can check how the events you selected for Conversion Value are prioritized.


* If the "Number of Order Complete" is 0 but the revenue is over 1 or more: This is a trade-off case to track both 'purchase amount' and 're-purchase' at the same time. Rest assured that this doesn't occur in the real environment. If you don't wish to have such a trade-off, select either the 'purchase amount' or the 'number of order complete' to track. 


SKAN Data Reporting: Actuals Report

  1. SKAdNetwork Conversion Value Setting (iOS SDK 1.14.3 or later version)

  2. Ad Campaign running by the SKAdNetwork

  3. You can view your campaign data in Actuals Report AFTER 2 days since the user installs an app

    πŸ’‘ Due to the Apple Policy, there are 2 days of delay to SKAN reporting after installing an app by the user. For more detail, please visit the following page. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/storekit/skadnetwork

1. SKAN Installs, SKAN Re-installs

SKAN Installs: App installs attributed by SKAdNetwork

SKAN Re-installs: App Re-installs attributed by SKAdNetwork

SKAN Installs include Re-installs e.g. SKAN Installs: 100, SKAN Re-installs: 10 β†’ Out of 100 SKAN Installs, re-installs are 10.

2. SKAN Purchase Amount

Due to the 6-bit limitation, SKAN Revenue is computed by multiplying the median value of the pre-defined revenue range with the number of users purchased instead of measuring the exact purchase amount.

(Median of each range) x (the number of users purchased of each range)



  • Range: $10 - $20 / Count: 10
  • Median: (10 + 20) / 2 = 15
  • Count: 10
  • SKAN Revenue in one range: $15 x 10 = $150

Total revenue is summed by the revenue of each range. (The last range cannot have a median value, hence will use the minimum value.)


3. SKAN Purchased User Count and Purchase Count

Purchased User Count:

It tracks when Revenue and Purchase count is set to Conversion Value.

Purchase Count:

When Purchase Count is set to Conversion Value: available to track 2 or more purchases.

When Revenue is only set to Conversion Value: available to measure only 1 purchase.

4. SKAN Event Conversion

For selected event conversions, the metric will contain the prefix SKAN. For example, if you set to track two events, Sign-up and Add to Cart, you can select the metric name SKAN Sign-up and SKAN Add to Cart in the drop-down list.

Each metric counts the number of users who performed these events. You can select and view SKAN Metrics in Actuals Report when the event is actually triggered by the user.


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM or Airbridge Platform Team.

SKAN Conversion Value