Airbridge supports integrations with Braze so that attribution data (user information collected through particular channels or campaigns) collected by the Airbridge SDK can be forwarded to the Braze SDK. Such data can be used to create and target user segments for more efficient and detailed marketing campaigns.


Linked Data Field

Airbridge's attribution information includes ten types of data (both required and optional). The data is reflected in the install attribution and custom attribution information of a Braze user and can be seen on the Braze dashboard. The following are mandatory values, and you may refer to this guide for the complete list.  

<Install Attribution Data>





attributedChannel Install Attribution Source Ad Channel
attributedCampaign Install Attribution Campaign Campaign springpromotion_campaign
attributedAdGroup Install Attribution Ad Group Ad Group femail_2030
attributedAdCreative Install Attribution Ad Ad Creative adcreative_1


SDK installation is required for Braze integrations. Please request your developer(s) for the installation.

📍 Braze integration guide 



  • In compliance with Facebook’s policies, the result data of User-Level Attribution to Facebook advertisements can only be used for the advertisers to analyze their advertising accomplishments on Facebook, and they cannot be transmitted to 3rd-party platforms or services or shared with them. Therefore, Airbridge masks Facebook attribution results when transmitting data to Braze through the Braze integration.


If you have any questions about integration, please submit a request or contact our platform team (