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Airbridge supports integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With the integration, you can easily pass data from Airbridge to GA4, allowing you to leverage the attribution data to uncover in-depth insights into how users interact with your product in GA4.


Only apps registered in your GA4 account can be integrated with Airbridge. Web integration will be supported soon.

Pre-setup for Integration

Before enabling the integration with Mixpanel, the pre-setup described in the developer guide below must be completed.

You must add code snippets to Airbridge SDK as indicated in the developer guide. If this pre-setup is not completed, Airbridge cannot be successfully connected to GA4 even if you enable the integration in the Airbridge dashboard.

Get GA4 Credentials


Before you follow the steps listed below, the right code snippets must be added to the Airbridge SDK. If this pre-setup is not completed, Airbridge cannot be successfully connected to GA4 even if you enable the integration in the Airbridge dashboard. Make sure to read the Developer guide for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration and complete the pre-setup first.

To enable the integration with GA4, the following credentials must be submitted to Airbridge.

  • Firebase App ID

  • Measurement Protocol API Secret

The credentials differ for Android and iOS apps.

Follow the steps below to find the credentials in GA4.

1. Log in to your GA4 account, click the [gear] icon, and select “Data stream.”

2. If you don’t have registered your app, select “Android App” or “iOS App” to register. If you have both Android and iOS apps, register them separately. Read the [GA4] Set up Analytics for a website and/or app for detailed instructions.

3. Once your app is registered in your GA4 account, select the app you want to integrate with Airbridge from the list.

4. Copy and save the FIREBASE App ID somewhere safe. Then, select “API secret.”

5. If there is no existing API Secret, click the “Create” button to create a new secret key.

6. Copy the new secret key and save it somewhere safe. If you have both Android and iOS apps, you need to find and save the credentials for each OS separately.

Enable Integration with GA4

1. Log in to your Airbridge account, navigate to [Integrations]>[Third-party Integrations], and select “Google Analytics.”

2. Click the “+ Add Connection (App)” button.


Multiple connections can be added, but only one can be activated for your app. Therefore, the credentials for both Android and iOS apps must be entered on the same connection information page.

For example, if you have entered only the iOS app credentials to a connection and want to integrate the Android app later, the iOS app credentials must be added to the same connection information page.

3. Enter the connection name and enter the GA4 credentials per app OS. If you have both Android and iOS apps, enter both credentials. The connection names must be unique.

4. Select the Airbridge events you want to send to GA4. The “Install (App)” event is selected as default, and the “Deeplink Open (App)” and "Deeplink Pageview (App)" event is optional. The two events are reported as custom events in GA.

5. Select the Airbridge event properties you want to send to GA4. Click the “Select all” or “Clear all” button to select or clear all properties at once.

6. If there are events and properties you don’t want to send, click the “+ Add Rule” button to set the data delivery rule. Setting the delivery rule is not mandatory and can be skipped.

7. To add a delivery rule, click the “+ Add Rule” button, enter a unique name for the rule, and select the events or properties you don't want to send to GA4.

Select the conditions for the selected events and properties again on a per-event or per-property basis. You can add multiple conditions for a rule. For example, if you set the delivery rules as shown in the image below, Airbridge will not send the “Install (App)” events to GA4 where the “Channel” is “example_channel,” and the “Campaign” is not “example_campaign.”

However, if you want to set different conditions for events or properties that you don't want to send, you must add two or more rules separately.

8. Once you have added all delivery rules, click the “+ Add Connection” button to finalize the connection setting. The events selected to construct the conditions of the delivery rules can’t be removed from the [Select Events] page. The rules must be deleted first if you want to remove such events.

9. Once the connection is added to the list, the status is “Inactive” by default. To activate the connection, click “Activate.”

10. Click the green “Activate” button to initiate the data delivery from Airbridge to GA4. Once the connection is activated, the connection status will change to “Active.”

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