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RevenueCat is a tracking tool for web and in-app subscription events. With the integration, you can view subscription events together with the attribution data on the Airbridge dashboard. This integration can be useful in successfully driving marketing efforts for subscription-based services.




1. Log in to Airbridge, go to [Integrations]>[Third-party Integration], and select "RevenueCat."

2. Copy the Webhook URL and the Authorization header value.

3. Log in to RevenueCat and navigate to your project in the RevenueCat dashboard. Find the Integrations card in the left menu and select the “+New” button.


4. Select “Webhooks” from the Integrations menu.


5. Enter the Webhook URL and Authorization header value that you received from your Airbridge Customer Success Manager. Then click the “ADD WEBHOOK” button in the upper right corner. 


How to view data

With the integration, subscription events can be viewed together with the attribution data on the Airbridge dashboard. The start, renewal, and cancellation of subscriptions are mapped to Airbridge Standard Events. RevenueCat events can be viewed by selecting the Metrics and Groupby fields accordingly.

Event type

RevenueCat Event name

Airbridge Event name

Start of subscription


Start Trial

Renewal of subscription



Cancellation of subscription



Custom Event Mapping

All RevenueCat events that fall outside those covered by Airbridge Standard Events are mapped as Custom Events. The Custom Event names are identical to the RevenueCat Event names. The properties of the Custom Events can be found under Custom Attributes.




App user ID tracking

The RevenueCat App User ID must match with Airbridge SDK App User ID to view clean data. For proper matching, the RevenueCat App User ID must be sent to Airbridge SDK with events that generally occur before making a purchase, such as sign-in and login events.

Airbridge creates a random User ID if no matching User ID to RevenueCat App User ID is found. The number of users who performed subscription events on the Airbridge dashboard may be larger than the numbers on RevenueCat.


Double Counting of Events

After the integration, if the Airbridge SDK renews the definition of subscription events, events may be double-counted. Therefore, the Airbridge SDK should not track subscription events after integrating with RevenueCat.

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