Google Ads

Google Ads is an online RTB (Real-Time Bidding) based advertisement platform operated by Google. It allows marketers to display their web and app advertisements on multiple platforms such as search, display, Youtube, and other partnered platforms. 

Once the below integration is completed, you may view and track the resulting data of Google Ads' 'app promotion' on the Airbridge dashboard. Moreover, after the integration, you can enhance your campaign optimization by utilizing Google Ad's conversion actions.


How do I integrate? 

Creating and registering link ID

1) Go to Google Ads 

2) Click on 'Tools & Settings' on the top right corner and go to 'Linked accounts' under SETUP. 



3) Find 'Third-party app analytics' and click on details. 



4) Click on the '+' button on the top left corner



5) Once you see a pop-up, click on the drop-down menu under 'App analytics provider' to select 'Other provider'. Once you click on 'Other provider', enter Airbridge ID 1530462733 under 'Enter your provider's ID'. 


6) Select Android or iOS for your mobile app's platform

7) Look up and select the app you wish to register the link ID to

8) Click 'Create Link ID'

9) Copy the newly created link ID

10) Go to the Airbridge dashboard and click on 'Integrations' to go to 'Integrated Ad Channels'. Then click on Google Ads to go to 'Default Settings'. Scroll down to find 'Add New Link ID' and paste the copied link ID after selecting the mobile app platform.  Click 'completed' and you now have completed the integration. 


Individual link ID must be created for each mobile platform you wish to run your Google Ads on, as you may register one link ID per platform. To change the link ID, you must first delete the original link ID on Airbridge dashboard and re-register. 


Importing Events to Conversion Actions

1) Go to Google Ads 

2) Click on 'Tools & Settings' on the top right corner and go to 'Conversions' under MEASUREMENT. 



3) Click on the '+' button on the top left corner.



4) Select 'app' and 'Third-party app analytics' and then click 'continue'. 



5) Select all events you wish to import and click 'Import and Continue'.



6) Review all imported events.

7) Google Ads app campaign integration is now completed.

If you do not see the imported events, click on the filter icon to change the status to 'All'. 


  • You can only import events to conversion actions once the link ID has been registered and the event has been activated. Also, note that it can take up to six hours for a newly added event to appear on the list. If you do not see an event in the list even after registering the link ID, it may be due to the uploading time or absence of activity in the event. 
  • Check your conversion tracking status

    • Unverified: conversion actions from Airbridge (conversion tags) have not yet been verified on Google Ads. This may take a few hours to show. 

    • No recent conversions: conversion tracking tag has been verified but it has not recorded any conversions in the last seven days. If you are not running an event or if it has been over seven days since you ended an event, it will also show as 'no recent conversions'. 

    • Recording conversions: Google Ads has seen the conversion tag and it has recorded conversions for the past seven days. 

  • Tagging conversion actions must be determined according to your purpose and final goal of the campaign. 
  • You can find out more about the conversion tracking tag here.


Utilizing conversion actions

Importing Airbridge-tracked events to Google Ads' conversion action will enhance your campaign optimization. 


Setting up 'Bidding' in 'App promotion'

1) Go to Google Ads 

2) Click on 'New Campaign' and 'App promotion'.



3) Choose 'App' under campaign type, select your mobile app platform, and continue. 



4) You will then see a campaign settings page. Scroll down to 'Bidding' option and select 'Install volume' and 'Users likely to perform an in-app action'. Then choose an action that is most important to you.



Or you can select 'In-app actions' and then choose actions that are most important to you.



5) Click 'Save and Continue' to complete the rest of the set-up and launch your campaign. 

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