Supporting the Updated Google EU User Consent Policy

Airbridge is implementing changes to align with Google’s updated EU user consent policy. Read on to learn the guidelines for complying with the updated policy.


This only concerns advertisers running marketing campaigns in the EEA. The United Kingdom and Switzerland are not members of the EEA.

Google’s EU user consent policy requires those using a Google product to obtain legally valid consent from end users in Europe for the use of personal data. Google is updating the policy in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), with the changes slated to take effect starting March 6, 2024.

Guidelines for advertisers


Airbridge does not offer the privacy prompts necessary for obtaining user consent, nor can Airbridge provide guidance on their development and implementation. For assistance, consult legal professionals.

Advertisers should comply with the updated Google policy in order to keep using Google Ads features related to measurement, ad personalization, and remarketing in the European Economic Area (EEA). For compliance, advertisers must obtain consent from their end users in the EEA for the use of personal data, such as with a privacy prompt, and share the user consent with Airbridge.


Airbridge does not support Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) that use the TCF 2.2 standard to ingest consent values.

Advertisers can share the consent values with Airbridge via the Airbridge SDK or API. Remember always to share the consent values with Airbridge for seamless measurement.

Note that the consent values do not affect the attribution of SKAdNetwork campaigns or the attribution of campaigns on ad channels other than Google Ads.

The consent values shared with Airbridge may affect the attribution of Google Ads campaigns. Refer to the below for more information.


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