Signing Up

You sign up for Airbridge through the sign-up page



Add a New App

1. App Registration


Enter the App list page once you have logged in. Then, you can add your own app by clicking the '+ New App' button in the upper-right corner. Note that the user who added the app will automatically be assigned Owner, which cannot be changed to other users.


2. Specify App Platform Type


Airbridge supports measurement across websites and apps built on Android and iOS.

You can search for your app's name through the search bar if your app has been registered on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If the search bar did not display your app, you can also enter a valid app store link instead. Likewise, a website can contain valid website URLs. 

If your app is not registered in the App Store yet, select any random app first to complete the app registration process in Airbridge. You can make changes to the registered apps in the Airbridge dashboard later.


3. Select App Name


The app name is a unique value for each app. The app name you registered here is very important because it is used as a parameter in every SDK initialization process. Note carefully that the app name cannot be changed once it has been set


4. Select App Time zone


Set app time zone in order to view app data aligned with your time zone. Please be noted that the time zone cannot be changed once registered. Airbridge Reports are provided either in the app time zone or KST(Asia/Seoul) depends on the reporting method. Please click the link below to find more detail. See more App time zone .