Preparing for the App Store Review

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Starting December, 2020, any applications submitted to the Apple App Store must provide the Apple and its end-users with the type and the purpose of privacy information they collect.

The below list provides the items that you need to provide when submitting your application to the App Store.

  1. Data type your application collects
  2. Purpose of collected data use
  3. Whether collected data is associated with the identity of the user in the form of a user ID
  4. Whether collected data is used for tracking purpose

For Applications that uses Airbridge as a tracker has Airbridge SDK installed and it inevitably collects minimum amount of privacy data needed to analyze advertisement performance. As a result, the advertisers(app developers) should submit the types of privacy data that application collects by its default along with the privacy data Airbridge collects and utilizes.

The following table help you understand the types and purposes of privacy data collected by Airbridge, so please review and confirm it carefully before submitting your application to App Store.


Privacy Data Types

Data types



Tracking Purpose?*

Linked to Identity?

Contact Information

- Name

- Email address (including hashed)

- Phone number (including hashed)

- Physical address

- Other user contact info


Airbridge does not collect any contact information. However, Airbridge SDK offers to transmit some of the contact info hashed in client to Airbridge server.

If you've configured to send Airbridge hashed contact info like email or phone number, please respond 'yes' in the questionnaire.

No If collects, yes
Health and Fitness
- Health
- Fitness
No - - -
Financial Info
- Payment info
- Credit info
- Other financial info
No - - -
- Precise location
- Coarse location
No - - -
Sensitive Info No - - -
Contacts No - - -

User Content
- Email or Text Messages
- Photos or Video

- Audio Data

- Gameplay Content

- Customer Support

- Other User Content

No - - -
Browsing History No - - -
Search History No - - -


- User ID

- Device ID


- 'User ID': Respond to 'Yes' only if you transmit user ID via Airbridge SDK.

- 'Device ID'(ADID): Collected for analyzing ad performance. Please respond to 'Yes'. The end-user must have allowed collection of ADID in advance.

No If collects, yes


- Purchase history

Optional - Respond to 'Yes' only if tracking the purchase via Airbridge SDK No If collects, yes

Usage Data

- Product Interaction

- Advertising Data

- Other Usage Data

Only 'Yes' to Product Interaction - Airbridge SDK collects standard product interaction events. Moreover, advertisers can configure to collect custom product interaction. Please respond to 'Yes' on Product Interaction. No If collects, yes

- Crash Data

- Performance Data

- Other Diagnostic Data

No - - -
Other Data
- Other Data types (e.g. IDFV)
Yes - Airbridge SDK collects and uses additional information such as IDFV, OS version, Device type, or Language. Moreover, Airbridge generates Airbridge ID to use within the system. Please respond to 'Yes' No Yes


* According to Apple guideline, what Airbridge performs does not constitute an act of 'tracking'. If you use the collected privacy data for 'tracking' purpose within your application, please respond to 'Yes'.


After completing selection of which privacy data you'd like to collect, you need to choose relevant purpose for each data type. Likewise, in addition to the use of privacy data collected and utilized by your application, Airbridge uses the privacy data for advertising performance analysis as follow.

Data use purposes

Data use purpose

How data from Airbridge will be used 

Third-party advertising

By default, not applicable in Airbridge. However, respond to 'yes' if you share the data with a third party for the purpose of displaying third-party ads in your app.
Developer's advertising or marketing By default, not applicable in Airbridge. However, respond to ' yes' if you use to display the ads in your app (also if sharing with a third party to display your ads) or for other marketing purposes.
Analytics Yes
Product Personalization By default, not applicable in Airbridge. However, respond to 'yes' if you use data for any product personalization.
App functionality Yes
Other Purposes Airbridge does not use privacy data in any other purposes than stated here. However respond to 'yes' if you use the data for any other purposes.


Additional Information

  • Integrated media partner may not comply with Apple guideline. Please ensure that your media partners or other SDKs do not violate the Apple guideline.
  • In line with global privacy policy, Airbridge provides Opt-out in Airbridge SDK. For subjected person who do not consent to provide privacy data or for children under the age of 14, Opt-out function should be activated not to send the data to the Airbridge. 
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