Postback Settings

Postback Settings

By providing in-app user activities and attribution results, postback helps optimize campaigns and accurately calculate attributional credits. Account owners or In-house Marketers can manually configure these settings in Airbridge. 

Postback settings are only available in non-SAN channels. While Self-Attributing Networks such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Apple Search Ads do not provide postback settings, only Google Ads automatically sends postback for all events. You can find more about Google Ads postback here.


Postback-available events 

Airbridge allows below events to be sent via postback and available events may differ by channel. 

  • Install

  • Launch

  • Launch Deep Link

  • In-app Events

  • Custom Events 


Channel Postback Settings

Go to Integrations on the left column menu, select Integrated Ad Channel, and click on Postback Settings to set up postback. 



Postback settings are turned off by default. Should you wish to send postback for a specific channel, please turn 'Postback settings of this channel' on. Once you turn on 'Postback settings of this channel', all postback options for the specific channel will be activated. 


When 'Postback settings of this channel' is turned on, you can select postback options independently in detail. 

  • Basic Postback Settings: Launch, Install, Launch Deep Link

  • In-app Event Postback Settings: General in-app events + Customized events


In order to send postback for custom events, further configuration with the channel is needed prior to starting a campaign. Please contact your designated Customer Success Manager or Platform Team at for inquiry. 




Below options are available for each event: 

  • Send attributed events only to this channel

    • On: send postback for attributed events only

    • Off: send postback for all events regardless of attribution (mainly used for re-engagement campaigns)

  • Send new events only

    • On: send postback for new events only (does not send recurring events)

    • Off: send postback for both new and recurring events

Airbridge uses ADID(GAID/IDFA) to determine new or recurring events. If a user resets ADID, it will be recognized as a new event. 


All-postback Settings

All-postback includes sending all events incurred in the campaign, including app installation, purchase, add-to-cart and etc, regardless of event attribution. 

In retargeting campaigns, it is important to segment user groups and analyze event results based on those groups to optimize conversion. Regardless of attribution, retargeting publishers need as much event data as possible in order to best segment user groups and optimize campaigns. Therefore, setting up and using the all-postback option is critical here. 


(Clicking "send attributed events only to this channel" will only send postbacks of attributed events and unticking this box will send all-postback of attributed and unattributed events)


Registering Postback Integration Information

For some integrated channels such as Kakao or Widerplanet, registering postback integration information is required prior to running your campaigns. For registration, you need to insert ID provided by the channel and this ID will send postback to the corresponding channel. If postback is sent without any registering postback integration information, the corresponding channel will have a limited view of campaign results. 

Once you receive the postback integration information ID from the channel, you can insert it under Postback Integration Information as below. 


Above 'Register postback integration information' tab will only show in channels that require the integration ID. Other channels that do not require this integration process will not show the tab.


Lookback Window Settings

A different set of lookback windows may be required and you can always choose to edit the lookback window according to your preference. Go to 'Lookback Window Settings (Channel)' and click 'Edit Lookback Window' to make changes by days, hours, and minutes. For further instructions, please visit Lookback window settings guide.

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