App-level User Management

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Airbridge users have different access levels to apps depending on the app role they are assigned.

Understanding Airbridge user roles

For effective user management, understanding the capabilities of different user roles is essential. For details about user roles in Airbridge, refer to this article.

Navigate to [Settings]>[User Management] to view or manage the app access levels of users.

About Granting App Access


Users who have been assigned the In-house Marketer role as app role before September 21, 2023, MUST be assigned the Admin or Manager role as organization role, to be able to have permission to manage users. To change your organization role, contact the user who has been the Owner before September 21, 2023, as this user has been assigned the Admin role as the organization role.

Only users with Admin and Manger roles as organization roles can manage the app access of all users. Users with Member role as organization role can only view the user list regardless of their app roles.

Users with Agency and Media Partner roles as app roles can grant app access to users who belong to the same agency and media partner only. For example, an Agency user from Agency X can only grant app access to Agency users from Agency X.

Granting app roles

The following app roles can be granted to other users in the [Settings]>[User Management] menu. App roles define the access level to app data and functions.

Granting the Owner role to a user is only possible from the [Organization]>[User Management] menu. For more details, refer to this article.

How to Grant App Access


Users with Agency and Media Partner roles can’t be assigned In-house Marketer roles. Refer to this article to learn more.

1. Click the “Grant app access” button.

2. Enter the email of the user you want to grant app access to, and select the app role for the user.

3. When selecting the app role as Agency or Media Partner, you need to select the agency or media partner name they belong to. If you can’t find the Agency or Media Partner name you are looking for, click here to submit a request for a new agency or media partner registration.

4. Click the “Grant access” button.

  • Users already part of the organization will get access to the registered apps when clicking the "Grant access" button.

  • Users not part of the organization will receive an email with the invitation link. When they access Airbridge via the link, they become part of the organization and get access to the registered apps. The invitation link is valid for 72 hours from when the email is sent. This type of user will be automatically assigned the Member role as the organization role.

The user status in the user list shows whether the user joined the organization and has app access or not. Refer to the following table for a detailed description of the user status.

How to Remove App Access

How to change other users’ app roles

If you want to change the app role of a user, navigate to the [Organization]>[User Management]. For details about changing users’ app roles, refer to this article.

To remove users’ app access permission, click the [action] icon and select “Remove access permission.” Once the access permission is removed, the user can no longer access the app, and the API token and tracking link API token assigned to the user will expire. Data collected via the tracking links created by the user will remain.

The following users’ app access can’t be removed.

  • Owner user who is the only user with the Owner role for an app

  • Your own account

  • Customer Success Manager (Airbridge CSM)

Basic Features in App-level User Management




Search for users with app access.


Copy the user accounts.


Sort users by account name, number of apps, and last active time.


Filter users by app roles or invitation status.

Resend invitation

Resend email with the invitation link to a user who was already invited to the organization before.

Revoke invitation

Revoke the invitation. The invitation link will expire, and the user won’t be able to accept the invitation.

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