User Management

In this page, you can manage users who can access the dashboard. You can also invite new in-house marketers or agencies via the [+ Invite User] button.





Invite New User


An invitation link will be sent to new users you invited. Also you may register multiple users by pressing enter after an email.  

If the agency's name you are trying to add is not found in the drop-down list, please contact your designated CSM or Platform team. ( )


App User Type

  • Owner : Owner status is granted to the first user that registers the app. The owner has access to all features in App Management. The Owner is granted full access to complete statistics of the app, including the data generated by in-house agencies.

  • In-house Marketer : Can be registered by Owner or other in-house marketers. Equal permissions (e.g. app management, statistics) will be granted as the Owner.

  • Agency : Can be registered by Owner, In-house marketers or users belonging to the same agency. Agency accounts are only permitted to view agency-generated statistics. Agencies are not permitted to access app management features such as Postback settings or attribution period settings.

In-house Marketers cannot delete the owner's authority or delete the app. Agencies' authorities are to be added. 

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