User Management allows you to manage users who can access the dashboard. You can also invite new in-house marketers, agencies, or media partners via the [ + Invite User ] button.





Invite New User


An invitation link will be sent to new users you invited. Also, you may register multiple users by pressing enter after an email.  

If the Agency or Media Partner name you are trying to add is not found in the drop-down list, please contact the Platform team. (


Delete Existing User Authority


Only the 'Owner' is able to remove the authority of the other accounts (Agency & In-house Marketer). Click to ⋯ button in 'Actions' tab to remove the user. Then the status of the user type will be changed to Expired status and will remain in the dashboard for the record.

💡  The feature of changing specific user type (e.g. Agency → In-house Marketer) is not available at the moment. Please contact for further support. 


App User Type

  • Owner: Owner status is granted to the first user that registers the app. The owner has access to all features in App Management. The Owner is granted full access to complete statistics of the app, including the data generated by in-house agencies.

  • In-house Marketer: Can be registered by the Owner or other in-house marketers. Equal permissions (e.g. app management, statistics) will be granted as the Owner.

  • Agency: Can be registered by Owner, In-house marketers, or users belonging to the same agency. Agency accounts are only permitted to view agency-generated data. Agencies are not permitted to access app management features such as Postback settings or attribution period settings.

  • Media Partner: Can be registered by Owner, In-house Marketers, or users belonging to the same ad network. Media Partner accounts can view media-attributed data in the Actuals Report. 

User Type



- View, create, or export all reports 
- Adding or deleting accounts 
- Deleting the app
In-house Marketer - View, create, or export all reports 
- Adding accounts

- View agency-generated data only 
- View or export permitted ad channel's data (advertiser permission needed)
- View the data access setting of permitted ad channels
- View App info 

Media Partner

- View ad-network attributed data from Actuals report only
- View tracking link list, postback setting, and attribution period that advertisers set for your ad-network 
- Invite team members from the same ad-network
- View App info

In-house Marketers cannot delete the owner's authority or delete the app. 

* Have a question about the user type? Check out our FAQ.



User Activity History

The owner and In-house marketer can check each user's recent activity history simply by clicking [ Last Active Time ].



When moving to the Activity History, it will automatically filter by the user's email address that you clicked on. The default search period is applied from the latest activated to 7 days before.


Click any activity from the list to open the expanded window on the right and check the details. 

💡 The user must have logged in since 2019. 09. 01 to be searched in the Activity History. 

💡 For further detail about Activity History, please read on 'Activity History Management' article.



1. (Agency) Is there any way to access advertiser data or previous agencies' past data? 

By default, agencies have access to data generated by the same agency only. But depending on the needed data type and period, you can ask the advertiser to grant access to additional data by one of the below methods.

⚠️ Caution!
It's important that Advertisers are aware that In-house marketers can access not only all the data but also almost all settings.


2. (All) How can I change the user type between 'Agency & Media Partner' and 'In-house Marketer'?

This is not supported on the platform at the moment. If agencies or media partners need to access all data and setup, you can follow the below instruction. 

  1. The app owner deletes the account with agency/media partner permission that needs to be changed to the in-house marketer permission. 
  2. Airbridge doesn't allow the user to sign-up with the same email as the deleted account, so sign up with a new e-mail. 

    💡 For Gmail or Gmail for Business user, you can sign up by appending + or . to your previous email address. This allows you to receive emails from Airbridge to your original email address. 
    e.g.) ->

  3. The app owner or other in-house marketer can invite the new user into their app as an in-house marketer.  

3. (Advertiser) How can I grant 'App Owner' to other user-type accounts?

This is not supported on the platform at the moment. Please email our Platform team( with the below information. Please note that the user must be an in-house marketer accessible to your Airbridge dashboard already. Other user-type accounts can't be the app owner. 

  • Your company name and app name
  • Current App Owner email address
  • In-house marketer email address


User Management