Tracking Link - Bulk Creation

Tracking Link Generator

If you need to create a large amount of tracking links at once or need to repeatedly generate tracking links, you can create them easily by using the Tracking Link Generator available in Google Spreadsheets.


Getting Started

1) Request Permission

Please request permission from your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for access to the Tracking Link Generator sheet. Once approved, the permission will be sent via email.

2) Enter API token


From the Tracking Link Generator sheet, navigate the 'Configs' tab and enter the API token in cell B2. API tokens can be found on the [ Settings - Tokens ] page of the Airbridge dashboard.


API tokens are allocated per each individual account. If you want to create a tracking link with the owner account or agent account, enter your API token for the owner account or agent account accordingly. If you want to manage the Tracking Link Generator through multiple accounts, you can make a request your CSM for access to multiple Tracking Link Generators.


3) Getting Permission


Below the [ Tracking Link ] menu on the right side of the sheet, click [ General Tracking Links ]. 


Then you can see a pop-up message that requires permission. Click the [ Continue ] button.


After logging in to your Google account, the screen as shown above will appear. If you press the [ Allow ] button, your Tracking Link Generator would be available.


Generate Tracking Link


When you click [ Tracking Link ] and [ General Tracking Links ] in the spreadsheet menu, you can create a tracking link with various parameters containing the properties and behavior per each link. 

To create a certain tracking link, a value called 'Channel' must be set and the other values are optional. If you do not enter the other property values, they are all set to Default values. Default values of each parameter type are as follows.

  • Link Type : Click

  • Re-engagement Parameter : Off

  • Adv Campaign Optimization Parameters : None

  • MP Campaign Optimization Parameters : None

  • Path :
    • 'Web Landing URL', 'Deeplink' : None

    • ‘Android/iOS/Desktop Fallback’ : Information of each platform registered on the [ Settings - App Info ] page in the Airbridge dashboard.

  • Preview Settings : Thumbnail information registered in [Tracking Link - Thumbnail ] in the Airbridge dashboard.

The description of each value is written as a memo in the cell corresponding to the title, and can be viewed by pointing the mouse cursor.


Tracking Link API


If you want to create a tracking link in a dynamic manner within the service rather than in your own, you can utilize the Tracking Link API in Airbridge. Please check the Tracking Link API document for detailed API request/response specifications.

The {app_name} and API Token required for the API usage and Authorization can be found in the [ Settings - Tokens ] page in the dashboard. Please use the value of 'tracking link API token'.


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