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If you need to create a large amount of tracking links at once or need to repeatedly generate tracking links, you can create them easily by using the Tracking Link Generator available in Google Spreadsheets. Tracking Link Generator is a Google Sheet Application that created by Tracking Link Generation API via Google AppScript. It's available for all Airbridge clients.


How to Use

1) Please make a copy of the below templates corresponding to your channel type.

In 'Configs' tab from a copied sheet, fill up the app_nameand tracking_link_api_tokenapp_name and api_token can be found in Airbridge Dashboard > Settings > Tokens. You can use App Name (Unique ID) and Tracking Link API Token.

Please ensure to use the Tracking Link API Token, not API Token.


Example of inputting the app name(Unique ID) and Tracking Link API Token to the sheet.


3. Configure the Channel, Campaign Parameters, Redirection path and any other necessary fields

Tracking Link Field Description

Channel: Select the channel for the tracking link to be used.

  • Integrated Channel: Search or select the channel name from the drop-down list.

  • Custom Channel: Input the channel name directly.

Adv Campaign Optimization Parameters (Campaign, Ad Group, ...)

  • These information is to distinguish between tracking links to optimize advertisement and marketing performance. They works similar to UTM parameters, and you can create a customized report using these information in the Actuals report.

MP Campaign Optimization Parameters (Sub-Publisher, SubSub-Publisher 1, ...)

  • Integrated Channel: Integrated Channels are already configured to receive the Sub Publisher information, thus no need to input any information here.

  • Custom Channel: You can utilize this column the same purpose of Adv Campaign Optimization Parameters

Path: Setup the landing destination when clicking the Tracking Link.

  • Web Landing URL: Redirect the user ALWAYS to the specific WEB URL regardless OS version or App. If you choose to input the 'Web Landing URL', you cannot assign Deeplink, Android Fallback, iOS Fallback, or Desktop Fallback.

  • Deeplink: Redirect the user directly to the in-app contents on the premise that App is installed.

  • Android Fallback: Redirect the users who haven't installed the app to the app store in Android OS. You can either input 'google-play' to move the user to the app market or a specific WEB URL.

  • iOS Fallback: Redirect the users who haven't installed the app to the app store in iOS OS. You can either input 'itunes-appstore' to redirect the user to the App Store or enter a specific WEB URL. You may also insert an App Store custom product page URL to redirect users to that particular page.

  • Desktop Fallback: Redirect the users to the specific WEB URL in the desktop condition.

Re-engagement Parameter: Set the re-engagement parameter depending on the purpose of Ad campaigns. The Default is 'Off'.

  • 'Off': The Parameter is turned off. Attribution will goes to both Install and In-app events accordingly

  • 'On:True': When you conduct Re-Engagement campaign for the users who already have installed an app, you can set On:True. The in-app events are attributed but install event is not attributed

  • 'On:False': When you conduct User Acquisition campaign for the users who have not installed an app, you can set On:False. The install event is attributed but in-app events are not attributed.

Link Type: Airbridge provides 'click' and 'impression' tracking link for Integrated Channel whereas Custom channel has only 'click' tracking link.

Preview Settings (Custom Channel): You can set up the Open Graph, the preview image for Social Networks such as Facebook and Kakao Talk.

Custom Link ID (Custom Channel): You can customize the tracking link URL. Custom Domain needs to be set up in order to use this feature. 

Click [ Generate Tracking Links ] from Extensions > Airbridge Tracking Link Generator > Generate Tracking Links.

  • If you see the below error after clicking on [ Generate Tracking Links ], please make sure the app name (unique ID) and the tracking link API token is correct.

  • If you don't see "Generate Tracking Links" menu but just "Help" menu from Extensions > Airbridge Tracking Link Generator > Generate Tracking Links, please try to refresh the page.

Example of the link creation



1. If you delete any of the columns from the generator sheet, it may not work as expected. Alternatively you can 'hide' columns to make more customized look.

2. In case Add-on is updated, please access to this link to uninstall the current version and then re-install the latest version. Once reinstalled, please refresh the google sheet before using.

3. You can change the spread sheet link into custom link by using our URL Shortner. (e.g.

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