Amazon S3

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Amazon S3

The Amazon S3 integration allows you to receive raw data collected by Airbridge to an AWS S3 bucket. The data can be processed for analyses such as KPI analytics. The following types of event sources can be sent.

  1. App events: Events collected from both Android and iOS SDKs

  2. Web events: Events collected from the Web SDK

  3. Tracking link events: Impression or click events collected from ad channels


The raw data processing time depends on the size of the data collected, so it is hard to estimate the exact dumping time. If you plan to integrate your systems based on when the dump is complete, it is recommended to set up your batch process to begin around 21:00 UTC.

Please ask your developers for S3 integration setup. Details can be found in the guideline below.

📍 See integration guidelines for AWS S3

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