Lookback Window Settings

Lookback windows determine how far you will look back from a conversion event (installation or purchase) to find corresponding attributed touchpoints. There are two types of lookback windows, apps and channels, and a detailed analysis can be conducted by setting different lookback window time frames for each event. 

  • App Lookback Window: applied to the entire app

  • Channel Lookback Window: applied to individual channels


Settings for Apps


You can set lookback windows for apps in Airbridge. Go to 'Management' to select 'Attribution Rules' and then click on 'Edit Settings' in the 'Install' page. 




You can set the lookback window by changing days, hours, and minutes. Create different time frames for each event and click 'Default' to save it as a default setting.


Settings for Channels

Lookback windows for channels can also be managed individually. Click 'Integration' to go to 'Integrated Ad Channels' and then select the channel you wish to change the setting for. Then click 'Lookback Window Settings (Channel)' to make adjustments. 

Please note that should app have different lookback window time than that of the channel, the system will override the app settings and apply the default channel settings to the corresponding channel. 




'Lookback window setting (channel)' feature is only available for installation or first open events. Further service on in-app lookback window settings will be updated soon.


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