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Airbridge classifies media into different channel types, and each type requires a different method for collecting touchpoint data.

Media Types

In general, media can be divided into 3 types: paid media, owned media, and earned media.


Channels in Airbridge

Ad channels are divided into integrated channels and custom channels. Postback configuration for each integrated channel is available in the Airbridge dashboard.


Integrated Channel

Custom Channel


Paid media integrated with Airbridge

- Owned media

- Earned media

- Paid media not integrated with Airbridge

Tracking Link

Supported for Non-SAN channels
(Tracking links are supported for Meta ads web campaigns)





Channel Name




By Airbridge or SAN


Additional Support


QR code, social share preview, link short ID, Airpage, etc.


Meta ads, Google Ads, Criteo, Moloco, etc.

Official webpage, social media accounts, etc.


Intergrated Channels

Integrated channels refer to paid ad channels that have been integrated with Airbridge to forward postbacks. You can track and measure their performance using integrated channel tracking links.

The integrated channels can be found on the [Integrations]>[Ad Channel Integration] page. You can also refer to this article. If you can’t find the ad channel you want to integrate your Airbridge App from the integrated channel list, share the media partner registration form with the ad channel.

Custom Channels

Custom channels refer to owned media, earned media, and paid ad channels not integrated with Airbridge, such as the official webpage, social platforms, emails, etc. You can track and measure their performance using custom channel tracking links. Airbridge supports various tracking link functionalities for custom channels, such as QR code, social share preview, link short ID, and Airpage.

For more information about custom channel tracking links, refer to this article.

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