Postback Integration QA Test

Please follow the steps below to verify that the tracking link and postback integrations are working as expected.


  • Test tracking link provided by Airbridge

  • Test mobile device

Test Scenario

  1. Click on the test tracking link from your mobile test device.

  2. Install the test application "ABLOG".
       - iOS:    - Android:

  3. Click on the events you'd like to generate. (Guide below)

  4. Check your system to ensure that Airbridge sent all the events you generated with the correct postback parameters.

  5. Provide your mobile device's ADID to Airbridge via email to verify your data.

Testable App Events

  • Install (App)

  • Open (App)

  • Deeplink Open (App)

  • Sign-up (App)

  • Sign-in (App)

  • Sign-out (App)

  • Home Screen (App)

  • Product Catalog (App)

  • Search Results (App)

  • Product View (App)

  • Add To Cart (App)

  • Order Complete (App)

We highly recommend you to insert the ADID (GAID, IDFA) of your test device into your testing link. This will prevent other possible touch points from taking credit during the QA test.{app_subdomain}/your_channel?click_id={CLICKID}&sub_id={publisher_id}&gaid_raw={gaid}&ifa_raw={idfa}{app_subdomain}/your_channel?click_id={CLICKID}&sub_id={publisher_id}&gaid_raw={gaid}&ifa_raw=A123B4CD-56E7-8910-1AB2-34567CDEFG89

Send In-app Test Events

Sending In-app events for iOS

Sending E-commerce Events for iOS only

Sending In-App Events for Android

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