App Info

You can find the App Info page to change the settings under [ Settings - App Info ].






In this page, you can find or change each platform information (Android, iOS, Website). Based on the preset value, the default redirection path of the tracking link will be automatically created. You can change the value from the 'edit' button on the upper right corner.





Airpage is a web page that allows you to send App Install link via SMS messages. You can set the Airpage as a redirection path when creating a tracking link. Airpage is automatically created when you register your app.

App Name (Unique ID)

This refers to the Unique identifier for SDK installation and also used to configure domain. It is created when you register your app for the first time. Note that once registered, the values cannot be changed.

App Display Name

The app name to be displayed on the Airbridge Dashboard. You can click to change the name.

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