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Client Hints Action Items for Airbridge Media Partners

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This guide is prepared for ad network partners of Airbridge. If you need help, please contact Airbridge at integration@ab180.co.

Chrome recently announced that it will gradually reduce the User-Agent in the HTTP request header to improve privacy. Instead, Chrome is introducing Client Hints to provide user information in a more secure way than before. Here's what you need to do to utilize Client Hints in Airbridge.

What are Client Hints?

User agents were to display browser data, but they were also used to identify users. With Chrome's enhanced privacy policy, only limited data can be seen by the user agent. The alternative is Client Hints, which are a more secure way to keep user data. The ad networks must request the desired data directly from the browser via the Client Hints API in order to utilize the Client Hints.  

What Should I Do?

Depending on the type of click or impression, the following actions are required to utilize client hints.

Click / Impression Type


Action Items

- Clicks that go through Airbridge redirect link from the browser


No action is required. Airbridge will support client hints.

- Impressions that go through Airbridge redirect link from the browser
- Clicks or Impressions that do not go through Airbridge Server (Server to Server)

Ad Networks

Using Airbridge's parameters, ad networks need to send the following data obtained from headers via the tracking link.

The following parameters should be added to the Airbridge tracking link based on the data that the ad network has found directly in the header. Ad networks may dictate the macro format.


Airbridge Parameter











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