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Enhancements to Airbridge Attribution

AirbridgeWritten by Airbridge,

Here is what you should know about the updates Airbridge has implemented to enhance its attribution.

Who is subject to the enhancements, since when?

The enhanced Airbridge attribution has been in effect since April 1, 2024, at UTC +00:00. The enhancements, rolled out across all Airbridge customers, do not require additional setup.

How has the attribution been enhanced?

Airbridge is applying additional attribution rules and machine learning-driven probabilistic modeling to measure performance. This allows Airbridge, even without enough user data such as identifiers, to track conversions more accurately in the following contexts:

  • Conversions are from ATT opt-out devices on iOS 14.5 or later

  • Conversions are driven by deep links

Are there changes to my reporting?

With the enhancements, the performance of most ad channels will be measured more. As a result, the attribution data available in Airbridge reports will show higher counts.

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