Raw Data Export

    How long does it take to extract data through "Raw Data Export" after data is collected through the SDK?

    It usually takes about an hour, up to a maximum of 2 hours. However, the data is shown within seconds at the Airbridge dashboard → Raw Data → App/Web Real-time Log" menu. Please use this feature if you need to debug in real time.

    How is "Private IP" (device.deviceIP) and "Client IP" (device.clientIP) different?

    A "Private IP" is an IP address allocated by internal routers in a household or a company. "Client IP" is a public IP address allocated by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

    An event was sent with more than two "Products" through the SDK. Can this be seen through "Raw Data Export"?

    Raw data can be exported in CSV format for both web and app. Several "Products" can be seen under the "Product List" column in JSON format. The below columns will reflect the first item in "Product List".

    • Product ID: eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.productID

    • Product Name:eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.name

    • Product Price: eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.price

    • Product Quantity: eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.quantity

    • Product Currency:eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.currency

    • Product Position: eventData.goal.semanticAttributes.products.$0.position

    In what format is Array or Map data downloaded?

    Complex date types such as arrays (e.g. "Product List") and maps (e.g. "Custom User Properties") are stringified and will be downloaded as a string. (e.g. {"personalColor": "red"} => "{""personalColor"": ""red""}")

    Why is there no "Network Carrier" value when exporting app raw data events?

    The "Network Carrier" value is null when the device is used without a SIM. (Not related to "Limit Ad Tracking")

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